Valentine's Day

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17 Adorable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages You Can Print For Free

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Valentine’s Day is something kids can easily wrap their heads around. A day to celebrate love?! How fun! And what better way to get your children in the loving spirit than with a craft afternoon working on Valentine’s Day coloring pages?

You don’t have to run to Barnes & Noble or order a coloring book on Amazon to get started though. The beauty of the internet is that it has loads of free Valentine’s Day coloring page sites with illustrations you can print at home. Hear that? That’s the sound of you manufacturing a craftastic afternoon for little to no money that your kids will absolutely love.

Naturally, you’ll find plenty of Cupid coloring pages as well as hearts and teddy bears. But for kids that prefer their creative energy be channeled into something more unique, good news: there are all kinds of interesting Valentine’s Day coloring pages that go off the traditional tropes. Think unicorns holding hearts, rockets shooting love into space, cameos from Hello Kitty and Charlie Brown too.

When your brood is all done making their beautiful pictures, you can display them around the house or turn them into actual Valentines by writing a message on the back and sending them to someone they love.


A Bee Mine Coloring Page

The birds and the bees are synonymous with love so it makes sense that a buzzing insect should grace a Valentine’s Day coloring pages. On this sweet page, two lover bees form a heart with the words Bee Mine proudly printed between them. So you can incorporate a reading lesson at the same time.


A Superhero Cupid Page

If Cupid isn’t totally your child’s thing, hand them this picture which depicts the love angel as more of a superhero out to spread affection across the planet than a chubby spirit. See, Valentine’s Day coloring pages don’t have to be boring.


A Teddy Bear Page

Teddy Bears have been a go-to Valentine’s Day gift option for decades. Something about the little bears just says “here’s something to squeeze for my main squeeze.” So give your kiddos some Teddy Bears to color. Here a loveable bear holds a heart and gives a gentle smile.


A Sloth Page

Sloths are Valentine’s Day animals? Sure. Why not? Even sloths need love too. This arboreal Neotropical xenarthran mammal, as it’s scientifically known, may be a slow mover, but once he falls for a gal he’s very persistent. Sounds like he could use a Valentine to woo her, no?


An Elephant Page

Valentine’s Day coloring pages wouldn’t be complete without one featuring an elephant. The gentle giants have a natural way about them that makes children love them. So is it any wonder kids might find this coloring sheet appealing? In this image, a long snouted elephant holds a big heart a la Care Bear’s Lotsa Heart Elephant.


A Unicorn Page

Know a child who is obsessed with unicorns? In all likelihood their backpack features unicorns, their wallpaper is unicorns, they probably had a unicorn pinata for their birthday. Now imagine the joy on their face when they’re handed unicorn Valentine’s coloring pages. Huzzah! What could be better than that?


A Rocket Page

If you have a rocket man in your household, combine their love of space exploration with a strong appreciation for love with this shuttle launch Valentine’s Day coloring page. Writing across the rocket are the words “I love you to the moon and back,” a sentiment it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand.


A Rose Page

Roses are red, violets are blue, and this lovely Valentine’s Day coloring page is just for you. And better yet, it’s cheaper than an actual bouquet of roses. Your creative kid can color the blooms in classic red, or go wild making a rainbow of colors. It’s totally up to them.


An “I Love You” Unicorn Page

We’re telling you, the unicorn appreciation is strong in the Valentine’s Day coloring pages world. That’s why there’s a second option for those who love the mystical creatures. Here the horned beast smiles for the camera while holding a heart above the words “I love you.”


A Valentine’s Calendar Page

If you’re working on helping your child understand the calendar and months of the year, highlighting a holiday like Valentine’s Day is a great way to do it. You can look at the calendar together and mark the 14th and to supplement their understanding, hand them this Valentine’s Day coloring page featuring balloons floating a calendar card with the 14th on it.


A Tigger Page

Do your kids love Winnie the Pooh stories? Then they’ll love this Tigger illustration. Here Tig is in all his energetic glory holding a huge heart like a giant love note to a pal, perhaps Piglet or Pooh himself. You can almost hear his signature laugh as you hand this Valentine’s Day coloring page to your child.


A Hello Kitty Page

Hello Kitty has had a heart motif since its creation in 1975. So it makes sense that the darling feline would make a perfect picture for V-day. Dive into a host of Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day coloring pages to share how much you care.


A Charlie Brown Page

A Charlie Brown Valentine is a classic children’s cartoon. In it our hero Charlie falls for The Little Red Headed Girl. A tale of unrequited love, it’s a heartfelt and honest look at romance and how it doesn’t always work out, but in the end, your friends will come through for you as Snoopy does when he gives Charlie his lone Valentine. Watch it with your kids as they fill in Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day coloring pages.


A Lips Page

Xs and Os are a big part of Valentine’s Day. The kisses and hugs we shower on one another are really what the day is all about. So why not give your child a pair of lips to color? This is an abstract version so they can really play with details and multiple hues.


A Love Cats Page

If you’re familiar with the Cure’s “Love Cats” song, then the idea of cat romance is something you might find pretty charming. Kids might too. And these smitten kittens are the perfect image of feline romance. Let your child have some fun with this kitty-centric Valentine’s Day coloring page.


A Slushie Love Page

Slushies in love? Sure, why not. If you're a child, making the imaginative leap that inanimate objects can have feelings isn’t so strange. In fact, it's rather charming. So kids will love coloring two drinks sharing air bubbles with hearts in them.


A Silly Cupid Page

You can’t have just one or two Cupid coloring pages when you’re working on a Valentine’s project. Come on, Cupid is the star of the show. And coloring in the plucky sprite is part of the holiday fun. So get into it with your kids and pass them a pile of Cupid Valentine’s Day coloring pages.

Valentine’s is arguably the sweetest holiday of the year. Make it even sweeter by sharing an afternoon at the craft table enjoying these Valentine’s Day coloring pages with your kids.