Amil Niazi

Amil Niazi is a writer and producer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Guardian, Elle and Refinery29. She is also the showrunner of the weekly CBC pop culture podcast, Pop Chat.

Amil Niazi


I'm Having A Slow Lazy Summer For the First Time In 20 Years & It’s All Thanks To My Son

It’s sad that the ability to appreciate the regular pace of life is something we reserve only for school-age kids with stay-at-home parents.

The Waiting Game

How Do I Stop Looking For My Depression In Our Kid?

It’s inevitable that I will look for myself in him, root around for signs of what came before, but I also owe him more than that.


All Praise The Epidural

My birth plan was always and simply to “get an epidural.”


Pixar's 'Turning Red' Is About Puberty In The '00s & Millennials Will Feel Seen

It’s one of those movies I know I’ll watch again and again, even when the kids aren’t around.

Here We Go Again

Omicron Means Parents Are Doing It All Again, Except This Time Dead Inside

At this point in the pandemic, I feel nothing.


I Rewatched Elf As A Mom And Let's Just Say I Enjoyed It More Than My Kids

Things were not helped by me frequently saying to my kid, “Look, isn’t that so funny?!” and then beseeching him with my eyes to laugh at the parts I thought were hilarious.


I Totally Caved On Santa & Honestly I Recommend It

Pre-kids I made a list of the things I'd never do. You know what happens next.


Is Ted Lasso Actually Kind Of A Bad Father?

We thought he was our pandemic Dad. Maybe we should think again.

Social media

Emily Ratajkowski Is A Mom In A Bikini, Not A Baby-Rearing Manual

Emily Ratajkowski’s Insta is a bikini pic that happens to have a baby in it.


Lily Rabe Says Motherhood Put Everything Into Sharper Focus

The AHS icon on having a baby and getting back on set during COVID


My Mom Friends Saved Me From The Hole Of Postpartum Despair

Having babies at the same time fast-tracked us from acquaintances to close friends

Jessica Alba Has Always Had A Vision

Alba on weathering the pandemic and taking her company to the next level


Natalie Portman Was Tired Of Sexism In Children's Classics, So She Rewrote Them

Finally, some girls in our most cherished stories.