Katherine Goldstein

Katherine Goldstein is an independent journalist and the creator of The Double Shift, a podcast, newsletter and community. Her newsletter is devoted to challenging the status quo of motherhood and describing the forces that shape family life in America.

Katherine Goldstein

The View From Over There

Three American Families On Making Your Home Abroad

What it’s actually like to leave the U.S.

A Better Way

Families Face A Mental Health Crisis. We Already Know The Solution.

Families will get their last Child Tax Credit payment later this month. We should have made them permanent.

The Language of Parents

It's Time For The Phrase "Working Mom" To Go

We have long been proud champions of “working mothers,” but that title doesn't work any more.


Stop Saying Women “Dropped Out” Of The Workforce. We Were Pushed.

Now more than ever, the media feeds our worst beliefs about working motherhood.