Purnima Mani

Purnima Mani is an impatient parent, middle school English teacher, intrepid home baker, and fledgling writer. Her skills in each of these areas tend to be eclipsed by her enthusiasm; nevertheless, she perseveres. She lives in Northern California with her husband, two children, and a very opinionated rescue dog.

Purnima Mani


I’m An Immigrant Mom Watching The News & Wondering Why I’m Still Here

This latest school shooting has me questioning my decision to stay in the U.S.


Longing To Be Mothered In A New Country

Who does the immigrant mother go to for comfort, with her own mom so far away?


I Need My Youngest To Keep Believing In The Tooth Fairy

OK, maybe more for me than for him.


I Once Longed For The American Nuclear Family, But Now I Know Better

I thought I’d left intergenerational living behind when I immigrated, but the pandemic showed me its value.


Parenting Our Children Means Forgiving Ourselves (Over And Over And Over Again)

My kids regularly say or do things that remind me too much of myself.


I’m An English Teacher — But I Told My Children I Didn’t Speak English

As Indian immigrants, preserving our language within the four walls of our home felt like a concrete way of clinging to the country we had left behind.