baby names

40 Lovely, Lively, Lavish Girls Names That Begin With “L”

by Jamie Kenney

You’ll love every last one.


Baby Growth Spurts: When They Happen & What To Expect

by Jennifer Parris

Pediatricians explain what’s going on, and how to get through it.

Baby names

41 Strong & Sweet Baby Boy Names That Start With “K”

by Jennifer Parris

From Kai to Kenneth, they’re keepers.


When To Stop Swaddling Your Baby: 8 Signs It’s Time To Transition

by Jennifer Parris

You can do it, and so can they.

Baby Names

45 Sagittarius Girl Names For Your Happy-Go-Lucky Baby

by Jennifer Parris

They’re perfect for your baby’s optimistic personality.

Instagram Captions

25 Instagram Captions To Honor Your Preemie Baby’s Journey

by Katie McPherson

Everyone’s story is different.

Baby Names

52 Short & Sweet Middle Names For Girls

by Sarah Jaffe

Short doesn’t have to mean boring.

Baby Names

40 Baby Girl Names That Start With “G”

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

You’ll find so much beauty in these.


25 Winter Solstice Baby Names For Your Magical Little One

by Ellen Schmidt and Ashley Jones

Bright, cheery, and festive names abound.

Baby Names

Gaelic Boy Names You Won't Hear Every Day

by Sarah Jaffe

Strong, spunky names that might be perfect for your little boy.

Baby Names

20 Lovely Boy Names That Start With “L”

by Alice Emory

From classics, like Luke, to new favorites, like Lincoln, there are so many to love.


41 Boy Names That Start With “E” You’ll Want To Embrace

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

These names range from totally sweet to full of spirit.


6 Bizarre Superstitions About Christmas Babies

by Kinsey Gidick and Shana Aborn

You seriously can't make this stuff up.

Baby Names

17 Baby Names Inspired By 'The Great British Bake Off'

by Samantha Darby

You don’t need to go into the tent for inspiration.

Holiday Gifting

The Average Amount Grandparents Spend On Christmas Gifts Might Surprise You

by Michelle Stein

Of course, there’s no “correct” amount that works for every family.

Baby Names

Girl Names That Start With “R” For Your Little Rebel

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

There are some unique choices here, too.