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12 New Books On Our Summer Reading List For 2024

What Romper editors are looking forward to reading this summer — preferably with a popsicle and one eye on the kiddie pool.

by Romper Editors

Getting Divorced With Miranda July

All Fours is perfect company for Transformation Brain.

by Rebecca Ackermann
Stick to kicking, buddy

Actually, Harrison Butker, My Daughters' Lives Have Already Started

And they’re going great.

by Samantha Darby
Ready, Set, Grill!

23 Make-Ahead Cookout Sides For Memorial Day

Pop one of these in your fridge now and you’ll be ready for Monday.

by Ashley Jones

Romper Originals


Jenna Dewan Wants To Enjoy It This Time

How the actor and dancer is approaching her third — and final, she says — pregnancy.

by Doree Shafrir

Paris Hilton Enters Her “Mom Era”

With new baby girl London rounding out her “cutesy crew,” the reality TV icon is learning how to be a homebody: “My life is finally complete.”

by Michelle Ruiz, Danielle Levitt and Tiffany Reid

Hilaria Baldwin In Real Life

How the mother of seven keeps her center (and her sense of humor) amid all the chaos.

by Emma Rosenblum, Victor Demarchelier, Tiffany Reid and Jill Rothstein

Flamin’ Hot Eva

“Nobody can tell this story better than me.”

by Carina Chocano, Emman Montalvan and Tiffany Reid

Ricki Lake Has Unfinished Business

She gave birth on camera and changed Americans’ attitudes towards birth forever. Fifteen years later, it’s clear how much more has to change.

by Jennifer Block, Beau Grealy and Tiffany Reid

Meghan Trainor's TMI Life

At the pop star's family compound, things are just getting started.

by Gillian Telling

How Allyson Felix, America’s Most Decorated Runner & Mom, Stays On Track

The five-time Olympian finds the sweet spot between big dreams and daily to-dos.

by Jordan Robinson

It's A Beautiful Day In Jenny Slate’s Neighborhood

Jenny Slate, mother of Marcel the Shell, has given up performing her identity and doubled down on delighting you.

by Meaghan O'Connell

Hilary Duff Never Meant To Make It Look Easy

Even Hollywood's ultimate Good Mom is figuring it out along the way.

by Danielle Pergament

Raven’s Chosen Family

Raven-Symoné and Miranda Pearman-Maday are each other’s LGBTQ+ icons.

by Shayla Lawson

Kevin Hart Isn't The Funniest Person His Kids Know

“What I've learned as a father is that the most important thing in the world is listening. It’s not about trying to be right.”

by Joel Stein

Jessica Alba Has Always Had A Vision

Alba on weathering the pandemic and taking her company to the next level

by Amil Niazi

It's Getting Real For Mandy Moore

The matriarch of 'This Is Us' embarks on her own family story.

by Doree Shafrir

Tess Holliday Is Having A Slumber Party — And We’re All Invited

The body positive icon on her lovable new podcast and dating post-divorce

by Marisa Meltzer

The Good Mom

Kristen Bell’s exuberant, effortful, miraculously-not-annoying quest to do it right.

by Jennifer Weiner

Working From Home With Shay Mitchell

by Meaghan O'Connell

Pregnancy & Baby

You're Invited

How To Throw The Ultimate Baby Shower

It’s going to be the mother of all parties.

by Katie McPherson
Oh baby!

The Fastest Growing Baby Names Of 2023 Will Absolutely Surprise You

The Top 10, however, will not.

by Jamie Kenney

The New Moms Who Have Had Enough Of Birth Control

“My body has been through the wringer. I have done my part.”

by Melissa Dahl
Let's Talk About It

What A Doctor Wants You To Know About Pelvic Floor Treatment

“Just because a biological function can be painful doesn’t mean that the pain is acceptable or that you must continue suffering.”

by Dr. Karen Tang

Prenatal Testing Offers Pregnant Women More Information Than Ever — But No Support To Deal With It

I expected prenatal testing to give me the “all clear” on my pregnancy; I was not prepared for the murky answers to the questions I had asked.

by Miranda Rake

The Shopping List

For The Group Chat

Auntie Kim

There Are So Many Ways To Have Children In Your Life

Once I figured this out, missing out on motherhood was no longer the foundational disappointment of my life.

by Kim France

What If Men Were Mothers, Too?

Let’s ditch this identity based on dubious ideas about genetics, and define all parental relationships as active bonds of care.

by Ruby Russell
the discourse

My Mother’s Parenting Books From The ‘80s Are A Revelation

To read them now is to enter into another, more human way of thinking about what happens between parents and children.

by Lucy Morris

If I Only Have One Kid, Am I Even A Real Mom?

And other ways I judge myself.

by Jana Pollack
Prima Ballerina

Dancer Ashley Bouder Has Always Loved Ballet, But Can It Ever Truly Love Her Back?

Bouder has spent decades as a professional dancer with the New York City Ballet. Now she’s questioning whether it’s a safe world for her daughter to join.

by April Daniels Hussar

Good Enough Parent


Is There A "Right Way" To Help My Kid With Their Homework?

Most kids need to learn to do homework in the same way they learn to swim or, even better, do their own laundry.

by Sarah Wheeler

Is Reading My Kid's Texts A Violation Of Her Privacy?

I would never read my daughter's diary — but this is different, right?

by Sarah Wheeler

Should We Tell Our Kid About Their Autism Diagnosis?

I cannot tell you how many children and teens I know whose self-confidence rises once they get a diagnosis.

by Sarah Wheeler

How Do I Survive With Kids Home For Winter Break — You Know, Mentally?

The holidays are intense and the pressure on parents to spend magical, connected time with our children? Also intense.

by Sarah Wheeler

Is There A Way To Divorce My Husband Without Messing Up Our Kid?

The transition will likely be shitty, but the end result is a better situation for all.

by Sarah Wheeler

Does My Kid Really Have ADHD Or Is This Just What We’re All Like Now?

ADHD is both underdiagnosed and overdiagnosed. It's misdiagnosed and missed altogether.

by Sarah Wheeler

Sometimes I Worry I’m More Invested In The Approval Of Other Parents Than My Own Kid

Whatever parenting Kool-Aid we’re drinking is laced with our own self-destruction.

by Sarah Wheeler

Help! I Can’t Get My Kids Out The Door In The Morning Without Losing It

Do not fall victim to the lie that there is some version of reality where if you were just good enough, mornings would be easy.

by Sarah Wheeler
Good Enough Parent

Weeknight Family Dinner Is Hell Lately — Is It Really That Important?

In a way, meals are a terrible time to attempt to foster whole-family connection

by Sarah Wheeler

Help! What Is A Cool & Normal End-Of-Year Gift For Teachers?

Do people do that? Do teachers really want them? I never know how to do this right.

by Sarah Wheeler

Should I Have A Second Kid?

Carefully mapping every possible outcome is less likely to deliver you an answer than it is to trap you in the question for all eternity.

by Sarah Wheeler

Should I Let My Anxious Kid Opt Out Of Standardized Tests?

All parents find themselves faced with some flavor of your dilemma at some point in time, which essentially boils down to, “do I make my kid do the thing?”

by Sarah Wheeler

Help! Every Time We Try To Do 'Family Game Night' It Ends In Tears

Is something wrong with us?

by Sarah Wheeler
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Tiffany Jewell On Racism In Our Education System And Why She’s Hopeful For The Future

by Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs

“I want educators and caregivers to know that our stories are unique, but we've all experienced very similar things no matter where we've been in our schooling journeys.”

Peace, Love, & Tie-Dye

28 Summer Tie-Dye Crafts

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Make a mess and have a great time doing it.


Drowning Deaths Among Kids In The U.S. Are Rising For The First Time In Years

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The CDC reports that 40 million Americans don’t know how to swim and stresses the importance of making swim lessons accessible to everyone.