Mental Health

Mental Health Month

Losing Battles

Becoming A Mom Has Caused Me To Start Anxiety-Cleaning—And I Can’t Stop

by Jessica Booth

There’s A Reason Your Postpartum Anxiety Went Undiagnosed

It’s very hard to ask for help when you don’t know what to call the thing you need help with.

by Miranda Rake

I Thought Constant Anxiety Was The Price You Pay For Being A Mom

I kicked myself for not starting meds sooner, but even decades of therapy couldn’t fully undo the stigma I grew up with.

by Ingrid Chen McCarthy

I Tried To Tell My Doctor About My Postpartum Anxiety, But I Got Nowhere

Throughout our pregnancies, and after, we see so many doctors. Not one of mine checked in on my emotional well-being.

by Melissa Petro

I’m So Glad I Took Zoloft While Pregnant

Thank God for the tiny voice in my head that convinced me it was OK to take care of myself.

by Karie Fugett

I Finally Got My IVF Baby, So What Right Did I Have To Be Depressed?

There was that stubborn voice in my head that said I had no reason to be unhappy now that I got what I wanted.

by Purnima Mani

It’s Up To Us To End The Silence Around Menopause

“What the hell is so shameful about it?”

by April Daniels Hussar

Let’s (Really) Talk About Transition Regret

by Ben V. Greene

In order to understand why we may fear transition regret and detransition, it’s helpful to think about our relationship with regret overall.


New Survey Highlights How LGBTQ+ Kids Need Support From Their Families & Communities

by Jamie Kenney

The Trevor Project’s 2024 survey highlights an ongoing mental health crisis, but also actionable steps that offer hope to kids across the country.


Jonathan Haidt’s 'The Anxious Generation' Misses The Point

by Courtney Tenz

As parents, there is only so much we can do individually without greater societal support.


The New Moms Who Have Had Enough Of Birth Control

by Melissa Dahl

“My body has been through the wringer. I have done my part.”


Bluey Fans Are Confused By “Space” Episode; What Does It Mean?

by Jamie Kenney

This one goes deep.

"What are you watching...?"

In A World Of Limitless Media Options, Why Are Our Kids Watching Dumb YouTube Videos?

by Jamie Kenney

More & more, kids seem to gravitate toward short-form media. Should we be worried?


The Marathon Runner Who Got Real About Her Birth Injury

by Melissa Dahl

For Caitlin Phillips, giving up running entirely would feel a lot like giving up her former self.


'All Creatures Great And Small' Is The Perfect Gentle TV Show

by Alexa Thompson

It has just the right amount of baby lambs.


My Child’s Grasp Of Language Exploded As My Mother Lost Hers

by Jessie Gaynor

Parkinson’s meant my mother’s words were slipping out of her mind just as my toddler was starting to speak in sentences. "Uh-oh, Nana."


Should We Tell Our Kid About Their Autism Diagnosis?

by Sarah Wheeler

I cannot tell you how many children and teens I know whose self-confidence rises once they get a diagnosis.