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Mental Health


Let’s (Really) Talk About Transition Regret

In order to understand why we may fear transition regret and detransition, it’s helpful to think about our relationship with regret overall.

by Ben V. Greene

New Survey Highlights How LGBTQ+ Kids Need Support From Their Families & Communities

The Trevor Project’s 2024 survey highlights an ongoing mental health crisis, but also actionable steps that offer hope to kids across the country.

by Jamie Kenney

Jonathan Haidt’s 'The Anxious Generation' Misses The Point

As parents, there is only so much we can do individually without greater societal support.

by Courtney Tenz

The New Moms Who Have Had Enough Of Birth Control

“My body has been through the wringer. I have done my part.”

by Melissa Dahl

Bluey Fans Are Confused By “Space” Episode; What Does It Mean?

This one goes deep.

by Jamie Kenney
"What are you watching...?"

In A World Of Limitless Media Options, Why Are Our Kids Watching Dumb YouTube Videos?

More & more, kids seem to gravitate toward short-form media. Should we be worried?

by Jamie Kenney

The Marathon Runner Who Got Real About Her Birth Injury

For Caitlin Phillips, giving up running entirely would feel a lot like giving up her former self.

by Melissa Dahl

'All Creatures Great And Small' Is The Perfect Gentle TV Show

It has just the right amount of baby lambs.

by Alexa Thompson

My Child’s Grasp Of Language Exploded As My Mother Lost Hers

Parkinson’s meant my mother’s words were slipping out of her mind just as my toddler was starting to speak in sentences. "Uh-oh, Nana."

by Jessie Gaynor

Should We Tell Our Kid About Their Autism Diagnosis?

I cannot tell you how many children and teens I know whose self-confidence rises once they get a diagnosis.

by Sarah Wheeler

I'm A Sex Researcher & I Hereby Grant New Parents Permission To Skip Sex For Now

Creating space to access pleasure is going to be very, very difficult during this time of your life. And that’s normal. You’re not broken.

by Emily Nagoski

They Gave Birth In Less Than Three Hours. They Wouldn't Recommend It.

The mysterious, miraculous, terrifying phenomenon of precipitous birth.

by Cassie Shortsleeve

How Do I Survive With Kids Home For Winter Break — You Know, Mentally?

The holidays are intense and the pressure on parents to spend magical, connected time with our children? Also intense.

by Sarah Wheeler

The Case For Pointless Diversions

Hobbies make you human.

by Steph Auteri

Yes I Wish My Birth Mother Had The Reproductive Rights That I Did

It is strange to consider my non-existence, but freedom to choose is what I would have wanted for her.

by Susan Ito

How To Survive A Teachers Strike

When schools close for a strike, parents have to scramble to make it work. But there are ways to ease the pain.

by Sarah Wheeler
Fun in the Sun

Can I Use Spray Sunscreen On My Kids, Or Must I Keep Packing Three SPFs?

by Katie McPherson

The beach bag just needs to be lighter.

Living With MS

Why Some Women With MS Wish They Could Always Be Pregnant

by Cassie Shortsleeve

During pregnancy, many patients with multiple sclerosis experience relief from their symptoms. Can researchers actually use this fact to find treatments for the disease?


You Should Now Start Getting A Mammogram Every Other Year At Age 40

by Samantha Darby

An increase in breast cancer diagnoses has changed the previous guidance.

Let's Talk About It

What A Doctor Wants You To Know About Pelvic Floor Treatment

by Dr. Karen Tang

“Just because a biological function can be painful doesn’t mean that the pain is acceptable or that you must continue suffering.”


There's A New Lawsuit Involving Weighted Sleep Sacks & Here's What Parents Need To Know

by Katie McPherson

Dreamland Baby announced plans to sue the U.S. CPSC over the agency’s alleged “illegal efforts” to ban the sale of weighted sleep sacks.

You've Got This

Talking To Kids About A Chronic Illness Like MS Is Intimidating. Here’s How To Start.

by Katie McPherson

Honesty is always the best policy.

Sweet Like Candy

The Supplement Industry Has Come For Kids

by Miranda Rake

In recent years, a growing number of parents have turned to supplements to help their kids sleep, focus, and be healthy. But pediatricians are alarmed by how little we know about what our kids are taking.


Can You Cold Plunge While Pregnant?

by Katie McPherson

You know hot tubs are out, but does that mean all extreme water temps are out?

*Ice Maker Rattles Again*

How Much Water Does Your Kid Actually Need?

by Katie McPherson

A.k.a. Do I really have to lug a water bottle everywhere I go?

*Pop* *Fizz*

Can Kids Drink Poppi, Olipop, & Other Prebiotic Sodas?

by Katie McPherson

Parents should know a few things first.