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Mental Health


Yes I Wish My Birth Mother Had The Reproductive Rights That I Did

It is strange to consider my non-existence, but freedom to choose is what I would have wanted for her.

by Susan Ito

How To Survive A Teachers Strike

When schools close for a strike, parents have to scramble to make it work. But there are ways to ease the pain.

by Sarah Wheeler

Why Does Recent Pediatric Guidance Feel So Judgmental?

“We were trying to remove blame and guilt:” Here’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics hopes you take away from controversial statements on obesity and breastfeeding.

by Kat Stoeffel
In Practice

How Pediatricians Think About Kids & Weight Now

“People need to feel empowered. They need to feel understood. They need to feel not judged.”

by Meaghan O'Connell

What Are Reunification Camps? New Documentary Investigates These "Legal Kidnappings"

The controversial practice is rooted in a so-called syndrome not backed by any governing medical body.

by Jamie Kenney

Meet The Gentle Parenting Dropouts

Instagram parenting accounts have a script for every situation. But do we mean it?

by Evie Ebert

Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Parenting Coach

Many parents are turning to them for guidance, but it comes with a steep price tag and few guarantees.

by Miranda Rake

35 Affirmations For Moms Of Teens (Because Parenting Is Never Easy)

Parenting is tough, but so are you.

by Jamie Kenney

Does My Kid Really Have ADHD Or Is This Just What We’re All Like Now?

ADHD is both underdiagnosed and overdiagnosed. It's misdiagnosed and missed altogether.

by Sarah Wheeler
Moms Are People Too

New Survey Confirms That Postpartum Moms Are Seriously Lacking Support

From their doctors, their employers, and their government.

by Katie McPherson

Study Suggests More Dads Should Be Screened For Postpartum Depression

A small study out of University of Illinois Chicago found nearly triple the rates of PPD than expected.

by Jamie Kenney

American Mom Rage Could Fill A Book & Now It Has

“I know as the person who wrote this book, I’m supposed to say, “I never yell at my family anymore.” But I don’t think that’s realistic. It’s also not true.”

by Sarah Wheeler

Sadness, Relief, Nothing: There Are So Many Ways To Feel After A Miscarriage

Let's normalize a fuller spectrum of reactions to pregnancy loss

by Jessica Zucker and Ryan Alexander-Tanner
Stay-At-Home Moms

SAHMs Actually Have Fewer Mom Friends After Leaving Work, New Survey Finds

Turns out “mom squads” might be a myth.

by Jamie Kenney
Don't Keep It To Yourself

5 Signs You Have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & How To Get Help

Help is out there, but you might need a referral.

by Katie McPherson

Sometimes I Worry I’m More Invested In The Approval Of Other Parents Than My Own Kid

Whatever parenting Kool-Aid we’re drinking is laced with our own self-destruction.

by Sarah Wheeler