Love & Loss

"I Needed To Be With People Who Got It:" On Grieving A Baby When The World Has Shut Down

by Simone Scully

“They were my people ... My family and friends tried their best, but they didn’t get it.”


Here's What To Put In The Perfect Postpartum Care Package

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17 Comfy Postpartum Underwear Options To Help You Recover After A C-Section

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Postpartum Vaginal Spasms Sound Horrific, But Here’s What They Are

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Postpartum Sex

How To Have Anal Sex After Giving Birth

by Sarah Hosseini

Take it slow, and stop if you feel any pain.


Our Bodies Are Our Jobs: The Challenges Of Being A Postpartum Ballerina

by Ellen O'Connell Whittet

Dancing with birth injuries and new hormones is as challenging as it sounds.


There's Actually A Certain Way To Get Out Of Bed After A C-Section

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How Long After Breastfeeding Will I Continue Leaking Milk?

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If only there were a definitive answer... But this expert advice from certified lactation consultants will help demystify the journey.


Your Guide To Masturbating Postpartum

by Irina Gonzalez

It may not be as long of a wait as you thought.

Postpartum Depression

Does Postpartum Depression Happen With Every Pregnancy?

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

Because birth is a mixed bag of joy and overwhelm.


Here's When You Can Have That First Celebratory Drink After Giving Birth

by Mishal Ali Zafar



The Best Postpartum Clothes, From Jeans To Sleepwear

by Ashley Ziegler

Because your body isn’t done changing yet.


Here's Why Postpartum Dry Skin Happens & What You Can Do

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The last thing you need to deal with right now is itchy skin.


Postpartum Acne Happens, But You Can Deal With It

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Is It Normal To Argue More After Having A Baby?

by Ashley Jones

Experts explain why post-birth spats with partners and other family members aren’t uncommon.


Can You Stimulate Hair Growth After Postpartum Thinning?

by Alice Emory

Honestly just want that magic tonic Bugs Bunny put on Elmer Fudd before he made a salad on his skull.