The Perfect Mani

Bows, Bears, & More Baby Shower Nail Inspo To Fit Any Theme

by Katie McPherson

From simple pink and blue looks to 3-D embellishments.

Living With MS

Why Some Women With MS Wish They Could Always Be Pregnant

by Cassie Shortsleeve

During pregnancy, many patients with multiple sclerosis experience relief from their symptoms. Can researchers actually use this fact to find treatments for the disease?

Magical Monikers

20 Fantasy Baby Names That Even Your Mother-In-Law Will Love

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Naming your child Frodo simply won’t do.

Let's have a baby!

21 Texts To Tell Your Bestie You’re Pregnant

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Until you can scream at them in the Target baby aisle.

Let's Talk About It

What A Doctor Wants You To Know About Pelvic Floor Treatment

by Dr. Karen Tang

“Just because a biological function can be painful doesn’t mean that the pain is acceptable or that you must continue suffering.”

Oh baby!

The Fastest Growing Baby Names Of 2023 Will Absolutely Surprise You

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The Top 10, however, will not.


Reddit Totally Sides With New Mom Who Won’t Visit Body-Shaming MIL

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She prioritized “losing the baby weight” herself.


Her WNBA Comeback After Twins Was The Hardest Thing DeWanna Bonner Has Ever Done

by Jordan Robinson

“It felt like I've never played basketball a day in my life.”


Can You Cold Plunge While Pregnant?

by Katie McPherson

You know hot tubs are out, but does that mean all extreme water temps are out?


Trump Would Let States With Strict Abortion Laws Monitor Pregnant Women

by Jamie Kenney

In an interview with TIME, former President Donald Trump said he was not opposed to states monitoring pregnant women in order to ensure they did not abort.