mom jocks

Sydney Leroux Brings New Meaning To The Phrase “Soccer Mom”

by Melissa Dahl

When Leroux had her children, the National Women’s Soccer League had no formal parental leave policy in place and very few colleagues could give her advice.


The New Moms Who Have Had Enough Of Birth Control

by Melissa Dahl

“My body has been through the wringer. I have done my part.”


New Moms Live & Die By Wake Windows, But There’s No Proof They Work

by Katie McPherson

“It just doesn’t work for everybody. It’s not magic.”

the discourse

My Mother’s Parenting Books From The ‘80s Are A Revelation

by Lucy Morris

To read them now is to enter into another, more human way of thinking about what happens between parents and children.

"What are you watching...?"

In A World Of Limitless Media Options, Why Are Our Kids Watching Dumb YouTube Videos?

by Jamie Kenney

More & more, kids seem to gravitate toward short-form media. Should we be worried?


Are You The Right Kind Of White Parent?

by Sarah Wheeler

Garrett Bucks’s book cracked open the world of what it means to be a white person in America for me.


Prenatal Testing Offers Pregnant Women More Information Than Ever — But No Support To Deal With It

by Miranda Rake

I expected prenatal testing to give me the “all clear” on my pregnancy; I was not prepared for the murky answers to the questions I had asked.

Cry Star-Lord, Amen

How Two Lapsed Catholics Explained God To Their Kid

by Johanna Gohmann

A mother grapples with how to explain religion to her son.


Escape From Kalahari

by Megan Angelo

In the landscape of the “family-friendly vacations,” no destination is more emotionally and financially masochistic than the water park.


Clay From 'Love Is Blind' Said He's From A "Broken Home" & I Hate It

by Jen McGuire

My sons are from a broken home that was broken by me. I would break it again and again if I was given the choice.


What Women Who Parent Alone Want The Divorce-Curious To Know

by Courtney Tenz

I’ve learned quickly that other women do not want to know the truth of single parenting.


My Night Shifts At The Hospital Changed Bedtime Stories For The Better

by Andrew Givens

Constipated polar bears, organ-donating dolphins, snakes with cancer, and unicorns in need of cesarean sections were just the beginning.


The Marathon Runner Who Got Real About Her Birth Injury

by Melissa Dahl

For Caitlin Phillips, giving up running entirely would feel a lot like giving up her former self.


Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross Knew That Pregnancy Would End Her Running Career

by Jordan Robinson

“I can't think of one athlete that was prominent during the time of my competitions that had a child and came back.”


The Kindergarten We Missed

by Cristina Tudino

The pandemic began four years ago. Only now do I realize everything that we lost.


Kids’ Media Is In Its Villain Era

by Katy Hershberger

Storytelling for children is finally moving beyond the good guy vs. bad guy tropes, and we all stand to benefit.