Dream House

The Heeler's house from 'Bluey.'
This Look Inside Bluey’s House Is Better Than Any Swanky Zillow Listing

That wraparound verandah, tho...

Once you reach a certain age, two things become true. One, you’re obsessed with real estate. Even if you’re not in the market for a house, there’s a certain pull toward just seeing what’s out there. And two, if you are a certain age and have kids, you’re going to connect with the family of cartoon dogs on Bluey more than you ever could have predicted. So, needless to say, gawking at Bluey’s house is a unique kind of weird pleasure.

The house is based in Brisbane, Australia where show creator Joe Brumm lives. While fictional, some residents have taken it upon themselves to create a Bluey-themed Airbnb in the city that, while not an exact replica, is impressively show accurate. Moreover, even though the house itself doesn’t actually exist, eagle-eyed fans (and Brisbanites... Brisbaners? Brisbanians? I have no idea...) reckon Bluey lives in the highly desirable Red Hill/Paddington neighborhood of the city. Australian real estate experts have estimated that a house like that would be worth upwards of $4 million! Wackadoo! We didn’t know being an airport security worker and an archaeologist paid so well!

Jokes aside, we covet this house. So we thought it would be worth it to break things down room by room. We’re not including every nook and cranny (for example, the shed out back or the laundry room), but here are some highlights...

Bluey & Bingo’s Room


While the Heelers have enough space for Bluey and Bingo to have their own rooms (don’t worry, we’ll show you), we don’t have to wonder why they continue to share even at 7 and 5: this beautiful room is a kid’s paradise! From the gorgeous stained glass window to the whimsical decor to the fact that there’s a balcony just beyond Bluey’s bed (you can see it clearly in the Season 2 episode “Double Babysitter”), I wouldn’t mind sharing the space either so long as I got to bask in its greatness.

Mum & Dad’s Room


This palatial room has access to the upper balcony and includes its own en suite bathroom as well (where the girls dare not venture when Bandit’s been there).

Living Room


This sitting room, which seems to be just off the foyer area. In the Season 1 episode “Fairies,” we see that the wall parallel to where Bandit and Chilli are sitting in this picture is mostly glass doors with access to the verandah that wraps around three-quarters of the house. Above the doors is a large fossil, which pays tribute to Bandit’s job as an archaeologist.

This isn’t the girls favorite spot to play, but, this being the Heeler home, they play there a lot, notably as the Grannies in “Bus” and with Unicorse in “Unicorse” among others.

TV Room


The Heelers don’t seem to watch too much TV, but when they do this is where it happens. (Especially when Chilli and Bandit aren’t feeling their best for... reasons.)

Play Room


This room, with access to the backyard via the verandah, is a favorite spot for Bingo and Bluey to play. It’s served as a doctor’s office, a concert hall, a hospital, a sandwich shop, a throne room, and much more!



The Heelers’ spacious kitchen is so cheerful and tidy and it opens to a dining space, where the family takes their meals and conducts “family meetings” when there’s been a “fluffy” emergency.



There are actually two other bathrooms in the ouse: a half-bath in the upstairs hallway and an en suite in Bandit and Chilli’s bedroom, but this is the primary bathroom in the house where the girls take their baths and, of course, delay bedtime by playing Burger Shop.

Sun Room | Spare Bedroom | Study | Garage


These spaces are all part of the home, but we see them less than most of the other ones listed. Clockwise from the upper right we have the sun room, which is off the TV room, the spare bedroom (former nursery) which Bluey temporarily wanted to move into but opted to return to her original space (we don’t blame her), Bandit’s study, complete with decor found out in the field, and the garage.



Some of Bluey’s most magical moments happen in the family’s beautiful backyard. Even without all the toys — set up in this picture for an obstacle course — there’s so much for a child to do. And that tree with the built-in bench? We need it.

BRB. Moving to Brisbane...