Sex & Relationships
Trying To Conceive

Does Peeing After Sex Keep You From Getting Pregnant?

by Michele Zipp and Jessica Booth

Experts weighed in on how a post-sex pee affects all those little swimmin' sperm.

Sex & Relationships

If You Have A Tilted Uterus, Check Out These 11 Sex Positions

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You don't have to be uncomfortable.


How To Know If You Popped Your Cherry? Experts Weigh In

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Doctors weigh in on the various ways one can determine whether or not their hymen is intact.


It Was COVID. I'm A Single Mom. Casual Sex Was My Lifeline.

by Rebecca Woolf

We reminded each other, amid the purgatory of COVID, that we were still alive.


Couples Have Lost All Personal Boundaries After Months In Quarantine

by Jen McGuire

And having conversations on the toilet, according to a new poll.

Sex & Relationships

How Soon Can You Masturbate After Giving Birth? Experts Weigh In

by Jennifer Parris

It's an important question.


Zoom Date Ideas That Are Both Romantic & Safe

by Jessica Booth

Dinner reservations? Never heard of her.


These Dirty Books On Kindle Will Give Your Library A Serious Upgrade

by Cat Bowen

A. Serious. Upgrade.


Yes, You Can Get Pregnant With An IUD, Experts Say. Here Are Some Signs

by Jennifer Parris

It's rare, but it does happen

Labor & Delivery

6 Sex Positions To Try & Induce Labor

by Sarah Hosseini

There's no real science that it will necessarily work, but could still be fun to try.


71 Instagram Captions About Love, Because It's All You Need

by Kinsey Gidick



Here's How To Get Out Of Those Pandemic Fights With Your Partner

by Ashley Jones

Because you really need each other's support to get through this trying time.