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Deep Breaths, Everyone

Please Stop Suggesting Eva Mendes Is A Bad Wife For Skipping The Red Carpet

by Jamie Kenney

Not walking a red carpet together doesn’t annul their marriage. Shocking, I know.


Holly Black Explains Why We All Have The Hots For Faeries Right Now

by Katie McPherson

They are, by nature, very wicked beings!


Childfree Woman Is Tired Of Splitting Expenses For Her Friends’ Kids On Group Trips

by Jen McGuire

Especially after they refused accommodate her dog.


The "Who TF Did I Marry" Saga Explained For People Who Can't Spend 8 Hours On TikTok

by Jamie Kenney

“Being single sucks ... but being married to the wrong person is a type of hell no one should have to go through.”


'Love Is Blind' Fans Are Debating When Jess Should've Disclosed She Has A Kid

by Kaitlin Kimont

While many fellow single parents agreed with Jess “1000%,” some called the single mom’s approach “deceitful.”


Polycurious? A Parent's Guide To Opening Your Marriage

by Rebecca Woolf

How to bring up the topic with your partners and how to keep it safe (and fun) for everyone involved.

The More The Merrier

Why Moms Are So Curious About Ethical Non-Monogamy

by Rebecca Woolf

Over the last five years, ENM (ethical non monogamy) has exploded — with moms, in particular.


I Date Poly Parents & Here Are My Red Flags

by By Ally Iseman, As Told To Alyssa Shelasky

“If having kids is your whole identity, we’re not going to have much to talk about.”


My Dad Life Includes Family Vacation With The Polycule

by Ryan G., As Told To Alyssa Shelasky

“Our kid has, on their own, asked questions and figured it all out and everything feels very normal to them.”


Sex With Each Other Became A Chore, So We Opened Up Our Marriage

by Anonymous, As Told To Alyssa Shelasky

I was always like, “I’d die without sex!” Cut to me at 51, in a sexless marriage.