Sex & Relationships

How To Handle It When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting

by Jennifer Parris

Because cutting comments aren't cool.


Barack Obama Is Apparently A “Big Article Sender” In The Family Group Chat

by Alexia McKay

And is known to text his daughters in the middle of the night to make sure they’re prepared for a potential earthquake.


50 Love Song Quotes That’ll Give You The Feels

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence and Katie McPherson

Thanks for the one-liners, T. Swift.


Bringing Home A Partner For The Holidays Isn't Always A Hallmark Movie

by Rebecca Woolf

Don’t ignore your cold feet.


50 Warm & Wise Quotes About Blended Families

by Meg St-Esprit

Get the tissues ready, because these sayings get it just right.


How To Tell Your Partner You Want to Separate, According To Experts

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

“This is likely to be a difficult conversation.”

Family Dynamics

How To Tell Your In-Laws You Need Space

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence

“It’s important to establish clear boundaries with family members.”


Can You Adopt An Adult? Why Some People Choose To

by Sarah Jaffe

What to know about this little-known legal process.


All About Pregnancy Sex Positions: What's Safe & What's Not

by Alice Emory

Here’s how to safely get it on when pregnant.


Happy Friendsgiving Quotes Full Of Love

by Emily Westbrooks

Good vibes only.

Good Vibes Only

The Best Sex Toys For Moms Who Want To Date (And Those Who Don’t)

by Rebecca Woolf

Good vibes only.


When Can You Have Sex After Giving Birth?

by Meg St-Esprit

Timing is not everything.


For The Record: Drew Barrymore Does Not Hate Sex

by JM Farkas

And the single mom has some pretty amazing things to say about self-love and her parenting priorities too.

Celebrity Drama

The Olivia Wilde-Jason Sudeikis Drama Is Flipping The Usual "Hysterical Ex" Narrative

by JM Farkas

This one is delicious. And no, we’re not just talking about the salad dressing.


Can You Have Sex "Doggy Style" Pregnant? Here's The Deal

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A midwife explains.


Julia Roberts Reveals Her Secret To A Happy Marriage Is Lots & Lots Of Making Out

by JM Farkas

And her on-screen husband definitely agrees!