Your Favorite Yeti Is Back With More Adventures In Abominable And The Invisible City!

Some more yeti-packed fun for everyone!

Yi, Jin, Peng, and Everest the ginormous yeti are back for a new comedy adventures series based on the beloved DreamWorks Animation's 2019 movie Abominable. The show follows this quirky crew of curious kids as they set out through the city and discover magical creatures in need of their help. With the perfect mix of friendship and adventure, Abominable and The Invisible City is just the right fit for inquisitive little ones looking for something unexpected, wild, and wooly.

In Romper’s exclusive clip, Yi is dressed in her awesome striped leg warmers and ready to welcome the latest animal with her magical violin. The stylish teenager takes her wooden instrument out of the case and plays until it glows a bright neon blue, signaling that something amazing is about to happen. And just like magic — a huge koi jumps out of the sewer, into the bright streets, and as high as a Shanghai rooftop. Everest and Peng are delighted to see the fantastic fish soar through the sky, but Jing is not so sure he’s ready for this one. The whole gang heads underground to follow the “Sewer Koi” and squabble a bit over the proper protocol for scientifically naming animals.

But everyone is stopped in their tracks when the oversized koi leads them to a mysterious location that takes their breaths away.

“Who knew sewers could be beautiful?” Jin says.

“What is is?” asks Peng is his signature double-zero jersey.

“I don’t know, but it’s definitely magic,” says Yi wistfully.

Check out Romper’s exclusive clip below!

Fans of Abominable will be excited to see some more familiar faces in the series like anti-hero Burnish (who quite enjoys ordering food on his fancy smartphone). With 10 action-packed episodes to devour, including storylines about a wish-granting toad and sugar-addicted puffball creatures, viewers are in for an animated treat. Abominable And The Invisible City is great for kids who are getting back into the routine of school, but miss the exploration and freedom of summer when routines were out the window and it seemed like anything could happen. The show is a great reminder for kids that there’s always more than meets the eye. It offers lovers of magic and some really cool animals the chance to follow along on some unforgettable journeys teeming with mystery, humor, and heart.

Abominable And The Invisible City premieres on Oct. 5 on Peacock and Hulu.