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There's a new American Girl mystery podcast.
American Girl

American Girl Just Released A Fun New Mystery Podcast Series Featuring Molly

With 10-minute-long episodes, this series is perfect for kids and parents.

American Girl has a new podcast network, and one of the first series the network has announced is so perfectly niche that it will somehow manage to be a hit with kids, parents, and even grandparents who love a good mystery. Especially when that mystery is being solved in 10-minute increments by a plucky young investigator who also happens to be a doll.

The American Girl 10-Minute Mysteries series features stories from the fan-favorite American Girl mystery book The Light In The Cellar: A Molly Mystery, and the entire season will follow young American Girl doll Molly McIntyre as she tries to solve a mystery. Molly

McIntyre is an inquisitive little doll who might remind parents and grandparents of Nancy Drew from way back when, but this time around in doll form and doing a take on an old-fashioned radio play. Narrated by actress Molly Lawson, the first episode of the series dropped on Tuesday and it sounds amazing. Exactly the right length for little ones with short attention spans or parents looking to enjoy some blessed, engaging quiet time while driving to the store. Ticking all the boxes, clearly.

These 10-minute mysteries, which are available on Wednesdays wherever you get your podcasts, are part of the first of three series set to be released on the American Girl podcast network this year. American Girl Fan Club premieres on July 13 and covers all the behind-the-scenes facts about the American Girl brand, trivia, and even guest interviews hosted by two actual real-life American Girl doll fans Sydney Paulsen and Kristen Washington.

The Smart Girls podcast is an advice podcast looking to help tweens navigate the tricky waters of friendships, mental health, and more. It gets underway on Aug. 17.

A podcast network feels like a natural next step for the American Girl doll brand, “From the start, American Girl has been rooted in story. Our books — whether adventures, mysteries, or real-life advice — are the heart of what we do,” American Girl General Manager Jamie Cygielman said in a statement. “With storytelling an intrinsic part of our DNA, the American Girl Podcast Network is a natural evolution for the brand, allowing us to tap into our vast collection of diverse content, as well as our numerous authors and subject-matter experts, to enrich and entertain our fans. We’re thrilled to connect with all those in our celebrated American Girl community in this authentic and culturally relevant way.”

What a great way to introduce your kids to American Girl, sleuthing, and podcasts — all at the same time.