They Grow Up So Fast

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The Internet Is Demanding To Know What Apple Martin’s “WWII Insights” Are

We thought this was just for Boomer dads...

Apple Martin, the daughter of actress and Goop mogul Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, the child whose famous parents and quirky name helped launch contemporary celebrity baby culture, is all grown-up. The newly minted 20-year-old (we’ll give you a minute to grab your smelling salts) is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University and an incredible physical amalgam of her consciously uncoupled mom and dad. She celebrated the big 2-0 on May 14, and her mom posted a sweet Instagram post celebrating her firstborn, which included one of Apple’s surpring hobbies.

“Happy 20th birthday, @applemartin 💕,” she wrote. “How can it be that you are 20 today? It feels surreal!” [Sidebar: it’s very weird for us too, Gwyneth, because you were only a little older than your daughter is now when you were in Se7en.]

“You are the most extraordinary, the most hilarious, the most brilliant.. I love your WWII insights as much as I love your physical comedy,” she continued. “You are the most fun to be with and you have always been. From those days when it was always you and me to now, you are my lil ride or die. You are everything to me and I am so proud of you. Have the best day, my peanut. 💕mama.”

Overall it’s the sort of thoughtful, loving, and nostalgic sort of birthday post any mom would share on their adult child’s birthday. But one thing stood out to us and, indeed, to social media in general.

What’s up with Apple Martin’s World War II insights?

First of all, impressive that she has them! World War II is a fascinating and fertile topic to explore as a hobby, but it’s also a fairly unusual interest for anyone outside of Boomer dads and grandpas. Don’t get us wrong! We’re extremely here for it. But it’s a little bit surprising.

Then, of course, there’s the question of what those insights are. Is this an inside joke between Paltrow and and her daughter? Does she have thoughts on how D-Day could have gone better? Does Apple have a Hitler hot take? Curious (and, let’s be honest, unserious and clowning) minds want to know!

“The world is waiting (for apple martin’s wwii insights),” hoked X user @carrienotscary.

“i won’t rest until i learn what apple martin’s WWII insights are,” agreed @michellelynking.

“what if apple martin’s wwii insights are really problematic,” mused @ali_sivi cheekily.

We’re not taking this very seriously, either. Those discussions can happily remain between Apple and her family (and seriously: good on you for diving into such a heady topic, Ms. Martin). But we can’t help but giggle at the very unusual juxtaposition of “WWII insights” and “physical comedy” or wonder what those conversations look like.