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Bluey & More Great Kids' Shows With Episodes To Watch On April Fools’ Day

Who doesn’t love a good, harmless prank!

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The first day of April is usually reserved to be a day of jokes and fun — and no one loves a good prank more than kids. From whoopee cushions and cookie dough to slime and fake bugs, kids really love to pull a good, silly prank and after the initial shock, it guarantees a good chuckle from us grown-ups as well. And if you or your little ones are looking for a little inspiration this April, there are fortunately a number of kid-friendly TV episodes that are perfectly themed for April Fools’ Day.

The episodes featured on this list are certified kid-proof, harmless, and hilarious. In other words, they’re perfect to watch in anticipation for April Fools’ Day. As a matter of fact, one prankster episode of Bluey has made its rounds on TikTok because toddlers (and grown-ups) love the silly, toilet-themed joke so much. Potty humor never gets old, folks!

After all, the best pranks to play are the ones that are fun, safe, and won’t get you grounded. And these kids’ TV shows feature just that. Once you’re done streaming through these episodes, be sure to turn on one of the many movies that are full of the pranking spirit of April Fools’ Day.

Caillou: “Caillou and April Fools Day”

In this April Fool’s Day combination, Caillou’s friend Leo brings over a joke kit box with slime, goofy glasses, chattering teeth, and other prank toys. The boys decide to use the box to do some practical jokes, starting with a whoopee cushion that Caillou’s mom sits on and a box of peanuts that turned out to be confetti for his dad. His parents got a good laugh out of the pranks, but when the boys got to Rosie and set a toy mouse her way, she thought it was real and started crying. To make for it, the two pranked their grandmother and put toy ice cubes with bugs in them, in her juice glass.

Watch Caillou on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

Bluey: “Favourite Thing”

In Season 2, Episode 7 of the popular Australian children’s series, Bingo pranks her mom Chilli while the family is out for lunch. She shapes his paws into a toilet and tells her to stick her finger in and wiggle it around, take her finger out and close the lid. After she does that, she says “thank you for cleaning my toilet.”

Watch Bluey on Disney+.

Oddbods: “April Fools Day Special”

The fuzzy rainbow friends pull a variety of pranks on another from switching bottle cans to slimy handshakes. Each Oddbod — Newt, Jeff, Zee, Pogo, Slick, Fuse, and Bubbles — comes with a colorful personality that includes some love, laughter, and a little harmless destruction along the way. Pogo is actually known as the master of pranks and mischief in the bunch, so watch out for him! If your kids like the Bluey prank, there’s also a fun episode about toilet troubles that they will enjoy! Oddbods is an award-winning CGI animated series by the Singapore based-studio, One Animation.

Watch Oddbods on Peacock.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: “Elf Joke Day”

This charming British preschool animated children’s series revolves around the young fairy princess, Holly, and her elf friend. In Season 1, Episode 16, titled “Elf Joke Day,” Holly, Ben, and the Wise Old Elf play a trick on Nanny Plum. But Nanny doesn’t think the joke was funny at all and turns the Wise Old Elf into a snail. Holly has to remind the Nanny that magic should never be used in anger. This is an adorable episode to share a teaching moment with little ones about revenge. And that at the end of the day, it’s not worth it. Also, learn to laugh more!

Watch Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom’s on Netflix.

Baby Shark: “April Fools with Baby Shark!”

This compilation of Baby Shark funny videos has gotten over 8 million views on YouTube. The video is a combination of the best and most catchy prankster, funny videos of the viral series. There’s also a Baby Shark vs. Dinosaurs April Fools’ compilation of nursery rhymes for kids that has over 6 million views you can check out.

Watch April Fools with Baby Shark video here on YouTube.

SpongeBob SquarePants: “Pranks a Lot”


Patrick and SpongeBob are in search of the ultimate prank. And where better to find it than Bikini Bottom’s joke shop, Palace of Pranks? There they find a can of Invisible Spray — just $1! After stripping down (they don’t want it to stain their clothes) they spray one another and become completely invisible... and realize this afford them the perfect opportunity to prank absolutely everyone they know, from Sandy, to Mrs. Puff, to Squidward. But when they decide to go after the ever-wily Mr. Krabs, their days of merry pranking catch up with them and begin to backfire...

Watch SpongeBob SquarePants on Paramount+.

Hopefully, watching their favorite cartoon characters prank one another will distract your child from turning the April Fools’ Day shenanigans on you!

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