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Three velociraptors in 'Camp Cretaceous.'
If Your Kid Can’t Get Enough Dinosaurs, They’ll Love These 20 Shows

Educational, funny, and cuter than a T-Rex's tiny arms!

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It seems that every child will, at some point in their lives, enter a dinosaur phase. Everything from toys to snacks to TV must involve dinosaurs. But our childhoods, like dinosaurs themselves, were in the prehistoric period of the '90s, and finding quality dinostories could be a challenge. Not only were there limited options but if you weren't parked in front of the TV at a certain time, this week's episode of Denver the Last Dinosaur* was going to pass you by.

But no longer do we need a VHS to record cool documentary about dinosaurs. Nowadays, with multiple streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+, in addition to network and cable programming, dino-loving kids are living the sweet life. New shows are coming out all the time and, yup, the old classic ones are still available to watch today. The possibilities are endless. So much so that it can be hard to know where to begin!

To get you started, we've gathered 20 kids' shows with and about dinosaurs to get your future paleontologist started!

*available, incidentally, on the Little Amigo YouTube channel...

Dino Ranch

Disney Junior

The Dino Ranch is home to siblings Jon, Min, and Miguel ... and their dinosaur friends Blitz, Clover, and Tango. This pre-historic western follows their adventures adventures... and we just might learn something along the way!

Stream Dino Ranch, rated TV-Y, on Disney+.

LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar


Jurassic Park's velociraptor handler and operations manager work together to avoid the disasters at the famous dino theme park... LEGO style!

Stream LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar, rated TV-Y7, on Paramount+.

Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

When Harry receives a bucket full of toy dinosaurs, they open up a whole new world of imagination called Dino World!

Stream Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs, rated TV-Y, on Peacock.


Earl Sinclair is a family man... erm... family dinosaur, trying to navigate the modern world of 65 million B.C. with his wife, Fran, and children, Robbie, Charlene, and baby named Baby. Every Millennial who gleefully shouted "Not the Mama!" will love sharing this classic with their kids.

Stream Dinosaurs, rated TV-PG, on Disney+.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Netflix/Jamie Kenney

Six teens are excited for a summer of adventure at a camp on Isla Nublar... until the dinosaurs get loose and they must rely on one another to survive.

Stream Camp Cretaceous, rated TV-PG, on Netflix.

Super Dinosaur

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Derek Dynamo, a 10-year-old genius, and his best friend Super Dinosaur, a genetically engineered, hyper-intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex who loves video games. Together, they must fight crime and protect Inner-Earth from Max Maximus.

Stream Super Dinosaur, rated TV-Y7, on Amazon Prime.

Dino Dan

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Ten-year-old Dan is a future paleontologist who explains, through a blend of live-action and animation, all about dinosaurs.

Stream Dino Dan, rated TV Y-7, on Amazon Prime.

Gogo Dino Explorers

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Tomo, Viki, Ping, and Rocky are the Go Go Dinos, a team of mechanical dinosaurs who work together to explore Planet M25, which is inhabited by real live dinosaurs! These helpful robots are always there when a dinosaur is in trouble!

Stream Gogo Dino Explorers, rated TV-Y, on Amazon Prime.

Dino Dana

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Nine-year-old Dana loves learning about dinosaurs... until the day she realizes she can imagine them into the real world! Even better!

Stream Dino Dana, rated TV-Y7, on Amazon Prime.

Dinosaur Train

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Available on PBS Kids On Demand, PBS Kids' YouTube Channel, and streaming on Amazon Prime (Season 1 only)

Tiny, Shiny, Don, and Buddy learn about their prehistoric world — and all the different dinosaurs who inhabit it — by boarding the magical Dinosaur Train!

Stream Dinosaur Train, rated TV-G, on the PBS Kids app or Season 1 on Amazon Prime.Rated TV-G

Dinosaur King

Netflix/Jamie Kenney

When friends Max, Rex, and Zoe discover tablets near a downed meteorite, they realize it can lead them to living dinosaurs... that is, if the evil Alpha Squad doesn't get to them first!

Stream Dinosaur King, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.



Four dinosaur friends team up with you, the viewer, to discover the biggest most ferocious dinosaur of all: Gigantosaurus!

Stream Gigantosaurus, rated TV-Y, on Netflix.


Netflix/Jamie Kenney

Rex is a pizza delivery boy turned Dino Master. He teams up with his friends defeat Darkno from trying to conquer the universe... including peaceful Dino Island.

Stream DinoCore, rated TV-Y7, on Amazon Prime.

Dino the Dinosaur

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Geared toward toddler and preschoolers (and their short attention spans — each episode is only about 5 minutes), Dino the Dinosaur is all about learning as Dino and his friend Dina learn colors, shapes, numbers, and letters through play.

Stream Dino the Dinosaur, rated TV-Y, on Amazon Prime.

Kong King Of The Apes

Netflix/Jamie Kenney

Your child may think there couldn’t possibly be anything better than dinosaurs… but that’s only because they haven’t seen the robot dinosaurs that evil Richard Remy, who plans to unleash these metal beasts in order to take over the world!

Of course, if your kid is a traditionalist, don’t worry: there are real dinosaurs featured in season 2, when Kong and his friends fall down a volcano and into a primordial world full of dinosaurs...

Stream King Kong of the Apes, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.

Cupcake & Dino: General Services

Netflix/Jamie Kenney

This wacky, whimsical show follows the adventures of a friendly dinosaur and his brother… who just happens to be a cupcake. Together, the attempt to make it in the big city. The show is very silly and, to be honest, is only tangentially dinosaur related but how could we leave out a show with a dinosaur as the main character?

Stream Cupcake and Dino, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.

Barney and Friends

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination who has been entertaining the preschool set for almost 30 years.

Stream Barney and Friends, rated TV-Y, on Amazon Prime.


Netflix/Jamie Kenney

The Dinotrux are part dinosaur, part truck, 100% every kid's dream come true. Together with the Reptools (get it?) they work together to make the world a better place and battle against the villainous D-Structs.

Stream Dinotrux, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.

Stone Age The Legendary Pet

Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Woody and his adorable baby dinosaur Moga set out on adventure in Tectonika, a land that exists after the fall of technology. There they must work together with their friends to stand up against mechanical villains.

Stream Stone Age The Legendary Pet, rated TV-Y7, on Amazon Prime.

LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit

Netflix/Jamie Kenney

This mini-series serves as a prequel to the events that take place in Jurassic World as park worker Claire, animal behaviorist Owen, and mastermind Simon prepare for the opening by getting all the dinosaurs safely into the park exhibits. Though it may seem hard to believe, things go horribly wrong from the very beginning!

Stream LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit, rated TV-Y, on Paramount+.

This list should help you be on your way to a roaring good time.

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