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What To Stream For Kids Obsessed With Bugs & Other Creepy Crawlies

If creepy crawlies are your kid’s cup of tea, these are the shows for them!

While some kids are playing with blocks and trains, others are outside digging for worms in the backyard. If your little one falls into that latter category, these kids’ shows and movies about bugs are sure to fuel your future entomologist.

Surely there are plenty of nature documentaries out there that will get your kids up close and personal with the wiggly, squigglies living on and below the ground, but these kid-friendly options feature insect main characters and simplified educational pieces on the lives of insects.

Now, if your kid happens fear bugs rather than love them, watching these shows with them could help make the topic a little less terrifying. Fear of insects is fairly common among kids, but helping kids safely face their fears can be a good step. And if your little one isn’t quite ready to interact with bugs IRL, a friendly spider or a short documentary on insect life could be just the ticket.

So, whether you are just trying to encourage an existing love for the smaller creatures that live among us, or looking to show your children that they do not have anything to fear, this list of shows and movies is a great place to start.

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids

Miss Spider’s adorable animation and gang of friendly bugs singlehandedly cured my childhood arachnophobia. Full of fun songs and sweet lessons, this show is a classic for reason. Here’s hoping it works for the next generation too!

Watch Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids on Pluto TV.

The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee

An anime series about a little cartoon bee, The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee is a fun, Japanese series that your kids are sure to take to.

Many episodes of The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee are available on YouTube in English.


How can a worker ant retain his individuality when his job is to go with the colony’s mentality? This question is explored by Z (voiced by Woody Allen) in the film Antz. Your kids will love seeing the hundreds of ants in the colony, and learn a thing or two about being true to yourself along the way.

Antz is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Growing Up Creepie

This spooky girl is sure to win you overThe Kabillion Channel/YouTube

A slightly darker series that may be too spooky for younger kids, this show is about a little girl who grows up surrounded by creepy crawlies and tons of goth touches that edgier parents will love. If you have a fan of Vampirina in your home, this show may be a good fit.

Watch all episodes of Growing Up Creepie for free through the Kabillion Channel.

Creepy Crawlers

This show is a bit on the older side, but your kids are sure to enjoy this team of monster bugs who fight the forces of evil.

Your best bet for finding episodes of Creepy Crawlers is going to be YouTube.

A Bug’s Life

A natural inclusion in this list, A Bug’s Life is full of creepy crawlies of every shape and size. When an ant named Flik leaves his colony to search for a way to stop the constant oppression coming from a gang of grasshoppers, he meets a motley crew of circus insects who do their best to help him.

Watch A Bug’s Life on Disney+.

Hermie and Friends

This show has Christian undertones, and is a sort of Veggie Tales, but with funny bugs instead of animated produce. The characters are funny and entertaining, and your kids will be enthralled by their endless adventures.

Hermie and Friends is available on Tubi, with an Amazon Prime Video membership, and through a Sling TV subscription.

The Buzz On Maggie

Maggie is a rocking preteen fly who will guide your kids through the highs and lows of adolescence with plenty of quippy one-liners, rocking tunes, and timeless life lessons.

Many episodes of The Buzz On Maggie are available on YouTube through Disney Replay.

Bee Movie

Looking for a film with an interesting love interest between a honey bee and a human? Look no further. Bee Movie is not only hilarious, it will teach your kids about the important role that bees play in the ecosystem.

Watch Bee Movie on Netflix.

Beat Bugs


This band of musical insects present their take on songs by The Beatles and your kids will be humming along before you know it. Expand their musical knowledge beyond Pink Fong and let them rock out with the Beat Bugs.

All three seasons of Beat Bugs are available on Netflix.

Atom Ant

This show may be even older than you are, parents, but there’s a reason it has such staying power. A little ant inspired by his favorite comics goes on to be the tiniest superhero.

Find old episodes of Atom Ant on Boomerang.

James and the Giant Peach

When a sad little boy enters a giant peach, he makes friends with the insects living there and goes on the adventure of a lifetime. A cult classic, the next generation is sure to love it just as much as their parents did.

Watch James and the Giant Peach on Disney+.

Fly Tales

‘Fly Tales’ is lighthearted funFast Death/YouTube

This is another older show from the ‘90s, but if your kid isn’t picky on animation, it may just be their cup of tea. The lead fly finds himself in all sorts of sticky situations — like a kitchen, a museum, a gumball machine, and more — but always finds his way out.

Episodes of Fly Tales are fairly easy to find on YouTube.

Let’s Go Luna!

While Luna herself is the moon, she has plenty of buggy friends to keep your insect fan interested.

Check out Let’s Go Luna! on PBS Kids.

The Princess and the Frog

A minor character in the movie, Ray the lightning bug is full of Cajun character and provides hilarious commentary to the time spent in the bayou.

Watch The Princess and the Frog on Disney+.

Bugtime Adventures

Another series with Christian undertones, this show teaches that even the smallest creatures are important — a lesson that we can all afford to learn.

Episodes of Bugtime Adventures are available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

Anthony Ant

This ‘90s cartoon is full of fun, insect friends that your kids are going to wish went to their preschool.

A few episodes of Anthony Ant are available on YouTube.

The Ant Bully

When a little boy squirts an ant hill with a water gun, he gets a taste of his own medicine after being shrunk down to ant size. After time spent with the colony, he learns how complex and important these tiny creatures are.

Watch The Ant Bully on iTunes.


This show was one of the oldest animated series, making its cartoon quality less than Pixar-ready. But it is still a fun show centering around insects who fight crime.

You can buy DVDs of Insektors on Amazon.

Oggy and the Cockroaches

‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’ is a fun way to experience bugsOggy/YouTube

Oggy is a lazy cat whose cockroach roommates are always interrupting his leisure. Watch their hilarious antics and decide for yourself if cockroaches deserve their bad reputation.

Watch Oggy and the Cockroaches on Tubi TV.

Strange Magic

This inventive, animated film from the mind of George Lucas follows a little fairy who falls in love with an insect king. Their world is magical and filled with lovable bugs.

Watch Strange Magic on Hulu.

Tree Fu Tom

Tom lives in the land of the trees, and in his adventures there he meets a variety of insects and other tiny creatures. Your kids will love the friendships and closeup view of the forest floor.

Episodes of Tree Fu Tom are available on YouTube.

The Hive

These bees do more than just pollinateDsineyJuniorUK/YouTube

The friendly bee family will teach your kiddos life lessons and the importance of working together on a common goal.

Watch all episodes of The Hive on AppleTV+.


For kids who love bugs, Jiminy Cricket will be their new favorite companion. If they can get past the ancient animation, this classic Disney film is sure to be a hit.

Watch Pinocchio on Disney+.

The Great Book of Nature

This series teaches kids about more than just insects. Before you know it, you’ll have a budding environmental scientist on your hands.

Many episodes of The Great Book of Nature are available on YouTube through various sources.


I know what you’re thinking, more roaches? But, hear me out — these are robotic roaches.

Find episodes of Roboroach on Vudu.

The Glo Friends

These adorable little fireflies are sweet and simple. Your kids will take to their heartwarming stories and their success in saving the day.

Episodes of The Glo Friends are available on YouTube.

Erky Perky

These two lazy bugs are always bickering, but they must overcome their differences to survive in the dangerous land of the kitchen.

Watch Erky Perky on Amazon Prime Video.


All sorts of tiny bugs inhabit this minuscule world. Give your kids’ the bugs’ eye view of all sorts of locations. The realistic animation of these short episodes makes it a blast to watch.

Watch Minuscule on YouTube.

The World of Eric Carle

More than just A Very Hungry Caterpillar, the animated versions of your kids’ favorite books will be a hit for screen time.

You can buy DVDs of The World of Eric Carle on Amazon.

Take a break from digging in the garden for worms and turning over stones for rollie-pollies. These shows feature all likes of insects, bugs, and other creatures with six-plus legs. An added bonus, you don’t even have to wash their hands when they are finished! Happy watching!