Beyoncé bonded with a little girl.
Michael Buckner/Billboard/Getty Images

Beyoncé Stopped To Chat With 3-Year-Old Girl About Her Barbie & The Video Is So Sweet

She didn’t forget Blue Ivy, though.

Beyoncé might be the Queen of all music, so famous that she only has to go by one name, but she’s still a mom. And she still loves kids. So when a little girl wanted to show Queen Bey her Barbie backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, she stopped everything she was doing to have a chat with her. And it was just about the sweetest moment ever.

The Act II: Cowboy Carter singer was captured on video shared on E! News’ TikTok enjoying a sweet moment with a little girl — boxer Hughie Johnston’s 3-year-old daughter Sarah, per the Daily Mail — as she walked through the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Monday night. Beyoncé was with her husband JAY-Z and 12-year-old daughter Blue Ivy when she stopped to admire little Sarah’s bright pink dress.

“Oh my goodness, look at you! Look at those boots!” Beyoncé, who was decked out in an all-black leather western outfit including cowboy hat and riding pants, said when she saw Sarah. The little girl looked a bit shy at first because, let’s get real here, that’s Beyoncé and she is surrounded by people, but relaxed as soon as she was told, “You are so beautiful!” by Queen Bey herself.

Sarah proudly showed Beyoncé her Barbie doll, and singer, who is also mom to 6-year-old twins Rumi and Sir, knew to ask the little girl about her Barbie’s name. “I love your doll! What’s her name?” she asked as she smoothed the Barbie’s hair. “Sarah,” she was told. “Oh my goodness, y’all have the same name!” As she walked away, Beyoncé told the little girl, “I will remember you forever, Sarah.” And how Sarah didn’t faint with the excitement of it all is beyond me.

While the Beyhive really loved this moment between Queen Bey and Sarah, they noticed something else that happened at the end of this video. When Beyoncé’s team went to move on, the proud mom reached back for her daughter Blue Ivy to make sure she was close. And Blue Ivy looked so incredibly cool in a denim jumpsuit that people could not handle it.

“BLUE IVY GIRRRRRL WOW,” wrote one person, while another added, “She turned around like wait where is my baby.”

Blue Ivy really has become something of her own phenomenon in recent months. She had a huge following when she started performing at her mom’s Renaissance World Tour. She is growing up before everyone’s eyes.

But for her mom, of course she is still her baby. And seeing little Sarah with her Barbie might have even brought that home for Beyoncé in that moment.