Blue Ivy got told by her mom.
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Fans Loved Seeing A Glimpse Of Beyoncé’s Parenting Style In This Viral Clip

“I respect your opinion, but you’ve got to calm down.”

Blue Ivy displayed a maturity beyond her years this summer. She performed alongside professional dancers, not to mention her mom Beyoncé, all over the world during her Renaissance World Tour, and always reacted with grace and humility when thousands of people cheered for her, even getting emotional when she got her first standing ovation. Now, it’d be easy for any of us to get a big head after an experience like that, but not Beyoncé’s daughter. In one viral moment from Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, the mom of three gives us a peek at her parenting style with 11-year-old Blue Ivy and fans loved seeing how the singer gently corrected her daughter.

In a clip from the movie going viral on social media, Beyoncé, who shares Blue Ivy with husband JAY-Z along with 5-year-old twins Rumi and Sir, is discussing possible changes to her setlist with her team while Blue Ivy sits close by. When someone suggests that the song “Diva” could possibly be removed from the setlist, Blue Ivy suddenly interjects.

“You can’t take away those songs,” Blue protests, groaning loudly. Her mother’s response? She turned to her daughter and said firmly, “I appreciate your opinion, but you’ve got to calm down. You can’t cut people off.” It’s worth noting that the “Flawless” singer did keep “Diva” in the setlist as her daughter suggested. She simply seemed to want to make sure that Blue Ivy was being mindful of other people and giving them room to speak.

Naturally, there were plenty of reactions to Beyoncé’s parenting of Blue Ivy in the clip. Some were fans of the way she handled the situation, especially the way she affirmed her daughter’s opinion.

Still more social media users praised Beyoncé’s effective use of gentle parenting while still setting clear boundaries.

Beyoncé certainly might use some aspects of gentle parenting when dealing with her three kids, but an argument could be made that she is also a fan of letting them grow on their own. After all, when Blue Ivy’s dancing was criticized at the outset of the Renaissance tour, she allowed her daughter the room to work harder and get better instead of walking away. And praised her for her perseverance.

Which is, perhaps, why Blue Ivy was invested enough in the tour to want to say something when a song was being dropped. And some people have praised Blue Ivy for speaking up to protect “Diva” and keep it on the Renaissance setlist.

Nobody likes to be told to calm down, but nobody likes to be interrupted either. As with everything else in her life, Beyoncé knows what she’s doing.