Bindi Irwin shares Grace, 1, with husband Chandler Powell.
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Bindi Irwin Reveals Her Daughter Carries This Random Item Everywhere "Just In Case"

One fan pointed out Grace is just like this Friends character...

Toddlers are notorious for finding the most random things entertaining. Gift wrap is a crinkly, colorful delight, cardboard boxes are a magical hideout, remotes are filled with interesting buttons (and usually make adults squeal!). But one of the most, shall we say, unique thing about this age is their single-minded possessiveness of their favorite toy. And when that toy is just a random household object, it can make things interesting. Indeed, Bindi Irwin revealed the unusual item 16-month-old daughter Grace Warrior “always” carries around, and, yup, toddler parents can definitely relate.

“Grace Warrior,” the Australia Zoo conservationist captioned a photo of her and Grace on Instagram yesterday, before sharing that she can always spot a spoon in Grace’s hand. “Always carrying a spoon around… you know, just in case! Love my beautiful girl.”

Aww, how sweet is that? Grace just wants to be prepared in case an opportunity for snacking arises, OK?

The Crikey! It’s The Irwins star also shared a gorgeous black-and-white photo of her and Grace, whom she shares with husband Chandler Powell. In it, she’s holding Grace up, with the beautiful Australian terrain in the background. The toddler is grinning from ear-to-ear at her mom, while gripping a spoon in her right hand. It’s such a perfect moment!

Taking pictures with little kids can seem impossible. At the time, you just want your toddler to be happy long enough to get at least a semi-decent shot. But later, you’ll love having the reminder of your child’s most prized possession, no matter how unconventional it is, captured on camera.

Irwin’s sweet picture has been getting a lot of attention, with one person writing, “Love this moment😍.” Another commented, “Cutest thing ever!!! 🥄💜”

“I mean never too early to be ready for cake at anytime 🤷🏽‍♀️,” someone else joked.

“Has she been watching Friends?!” another asked. “She could have learned from Joey that you never know when you might need your special cheesecake utensils.” So true!

Some parents were sharing the thing their toddler’s carried around, too. “My son was always carrying a little toy car with him. Still does on occasion 😂❤️,” one person said. “It’s pretty cute to look back on in his gorgeous photos ❤️.”

Someone else summed up parenting a toddler perfectly with their comment: “This is a great age, exploring what the world has to offer. Enjoy every moment.”

Between looking at sea creatures and visiting “Grandpa Crocodile” at the zoo, Grace is definitely enjoying life — and Bindi is soaking it all up.