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Moms Are Loving That Blake Lively Wore Her Breast Pump At Disneyland

While hanging out with Remy from Ratatouille, no less.

Blake Lively has a big, impressive life as a celebrity and mom of four, so you might expect that her 2023 highlights would be full of glamorous events. Walking the red carpet with her husband Ryan Reynolds, maybe, or hanging out with her best friend Taylor Swift. Nope. One of her big highlights of the year was pumping breast milk at Disneyland. To be fair, it was in Paris so that gives her breast pumping some extra fancy points for location.

The Shallows star, who is mom to 9-year-old daughter James, 7-year-old daughter Inez, 4-year-old daughter Betty, and a baby born in February 2023, took to Instagram to share some of her favorite moments of 2023 recently. The big one for her? Heading off to Disneyland Paris and meeting Remy from the 2007 Disney classic Ratatouille, and oh yes, pumping at Disneyland. She even shared a photo of herself sporting her hands-free pump, the Elvie Stride, visible on her hip, to the aforementioned meeting with Remy, who looked delighted. Maybe he was star-struck by Lively, or perhaps he was just gasping with joy because Blake Lively is out there normalizing pumping in public for us all.

Remy wasn’t the only one applauding Lively with his talented rat hands for publicly toting her breast pump, her fans were excited to see it too. “Love seeing pumping normalized! get it mama! Happy new year!” wrote one follower.

“Thank you for pumping in public and helping to make a positive change for the next generation of pumping moms out there! I’m hoping that by the time my daughters become moms they’ll live in a society where moms feel comfortable and empowered to take care of their babies wherever they are. The more people see women breastfeeding in public, the more normal it becomes, so thank you for being a part of that,” another commented.

One more shared, “If you haven’t pumped while waiting in line at Disneyland what are you even doing?! Mine was an hour wait at Indiana Jones. Pumped 11oz.” This person makes a good point. The lines are generally pretty long so might as well get in some pumping while you’re there.

Whether or not Lively brought her older three children with her to Disneyland Paris is anyone’s guess, as she and Reynolds are famously cautious about sharing photos of their children. We sort of hope she took a day to enjoy the park herself, especially now that she’s a mom of four and feeling “tired” with all of that added work. She was there with her own mother and Reynolds’ mom as well, which could have made for a fun girls’ trip. Or it could have meant she had a whole lot of help on hand.

Regardless of how she visited, at least she got in some pumping. Presumably while standing in line for It’s A Small World. We love to see it.