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Everything We Know About Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ 4 Kids’ Names

Taylor Swift has helped reveal the couple’s name choices before, but will she again?

When Taylor Swift herself uses your kids’ names in songs, you know you’ve picked good ones. So Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds should be immensely proud of their kids’ names, not just for the Swiftie connection but also because they’re all really great. The ones we know, anyhow. Here’s everything we know so far about the couple’s four children’s names.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have four children together.

Lively and Reynolds, who married in 2012, have since welcomed four children together. The famous couple, who initially met on the set of The Green Lantern, have always made a real effort to keep their life with their family private and prioritize being as present as possible as parents. They even walk their children to school in the morning, Reynolds shared last October, in an effort to be as present and “self-aware” as possible.

“I think as parents, we are so much better equipped to handle the rigors of childhood through our kids now than when I was a kid,” he told People at the time. “It’s just totally different now. People are much more self-aware. And that’s the thing we sort of hang our hat on the most is self-awareness with our kids. Not be happy, not be anything, just be self-aware and welcome everything in.”

The parents put that same level of care and commitment into naming their children.

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James, 9

When Lively and Reynolds welcomed their 9-year-old daughter James in December 2014, they decided to name her in honor of his father James Reynolds, who passed away not long after her birth in October 2015. In an interview with Mr. Porter in 2018, Reynolds explained that he and Lively felt it was “right” to name their daughter after his dad, adding that his dad “got to see her, which makes me happy.”

Inez, 7

When Reynolds and Lively welcomed their second daughter Inez in September 2016, there appeared to be some confusion about the spelling of her name. So Lively took the opportunity to clear it up during an interview with People. “I had a new baby, Inez, with a ‘z’ even though everyone says it’s with an ‘s.’ I don’t know why, please tell Wikipedia,” she said at the time.

Inez is a name of Portuguese origin and means “pure and chaste.” And most importantly, Taylor Swift used it in her 2020 song “Betty” along with her sister James’ name and, of course, their little sister Betty.

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Betty, 4

Taylor Swift really solidified her role as world class honorary aunt when she started to include Lively and Reynolds’ kids in her songs. Like when their oldest daughter James provided the baby voice on the singer’s song “Gorgeous” when she was just 2 years old, even getting mentioned in the album’s credits for her work. Or later, in 2020, when she not only used Inez and James’ names in “Betty” but also announced to the world that this was the name of their third daughter. A name they hadn’t yet shared, but clearly it wasn’t an issue since they’re all still friends.

Baby #4, name TBA, 1

When Reynolds and Lively welcomed their fourth child in February 2023, they didn’t just keep their arrival a secret. They’ve also kept everything about their little one a secret including their sex and name. And they’ve kept it up for more than a year, which feels like some kind of record. But yet again, Taylor Swift might have let the cat out of the bag with her Tortured Poets Department album. The singer shared several names in her songs which could be a fit for their baby including Lucy, Jack, Robin, Sarah, Cassandra, Peter, Clara, and Stevie to name just a few.

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Which one is the right one? I guess we’ll be waiting for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to find out. Or, as the dad of four recently said during an interview with TODAY, “We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child’s name will be,” Reynolds jokingly responded. “We’ll say this. We’re still waiting.”