LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 11: American Rapper Jay-Z stands on the sidelines with daughter Blue Iv...
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Blue Ivy & Rumi Joined Dad JAY-Z At The Super Bowl

Daddy/Daughter outing: celebrity style.

The Super Bowl is always a Who’s Who of celebrity cameos: actors, musicians, and celebutants abound in the VIP boxes. So it wasn’t surprising to see rapper/mogul/icon JAY-Z was in attendance to see the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers. But what was maybe a little bit surprising is that JAY-Z brought daughters Blue Ivy and the infrequently seen Rumi to the Big Game.

JAY-Z and the girls could be seen on the field prior to kick off. Rumi, wearing a Givenchy jacket, could be seen holding a Barbie doll. Blue Ivy, ever the eldest daughter, was seen cleaning her little sister’s face while dad looked on smiling. Fan reactions online were excited (whomst among us isn’t excited to see this powerhouse family whenever we have the chance), and enjoyed pointing out how much Blue and Rumi favor dad, mom Beyoncé, and one another.

“Ok when it comes to making humans, Jay and Bey are NOT that creative. These girls look exactly the same at that age,” joked Twitter user @KaridaGriffith.

Others were heartened to see 12-year-old Blue fussing over her little sister.

“Big sis Blue is just too much,” observed @QianaDanae. “My heart.”

While we’ve been seeing more and more of Blue Ivy as she’s gotten older — dancing alongside her mom during the Renaissance tour this past summer, and joining her parents at the Grammy’s last week — Rumi, 6, and her twin brother Sir (who, as far as we could see was not in attendance at the game) are a bit less in the public eye, which of course is reasonable and probably wise! But it’s still excited to see any child grow up before our eyes, and it’s also so sweet to see dads and daughters bonding over sports. They’ll be sure to remember this game, and their special night out with dad, for years to come.