Brandy and Chilli from 'Bluey' greet each other. Chilli rubs Brandy's pregnant belly.

Bluey Fans Have Big Feelings About Aunt Brandy's Pregnancy Reveal In “The Sign”

We all remember weeping while watching “Onesies,” right?

“The Sign” was 28 minutes of Bluey goodness that fans have been looking forward to months. Not only did it tell a lovely story revolving around a wedding and an impending move, but it was full of Easter eggs and satisfied fans need for answers that have been lurking around the past few seasons. Like “What happened to Grandpa Bob?” (he was in India), and “When will we see Aunt Brandy again?” It turns out that we would not only get to see her again, but we learned that Aunt Brandy is pregnant!

This in and of itself would be fun news, but given the character’s history, the moment she walked onscreen, visibly pregnant, was cathartic and emotional for lots of viewers. Here’s why...

Aunt Brandy appeared in a fan-favorite Bluey episode.

Brandy, Chilli’s sister, was first (and last) introduced in the Season 3 episode “Onesies.” In it, Brandy (who is voiced by Australian actress Rose Byrne) arrives at the Heelers’ home immediately appearing ill-at ease. It’s soon revealed that she hasn’t seen her sister’s family in four years.

She arrives with gifts for her nieces— animal onesies! Initially, Bluey’s is too small and Bingo’s is too big, so the girl’s swap. Bluey (begrudgingly) wears the zebra and Bingo the cheetah. Unfortunately, that’s when Bingo’s proclivity to “become one with the onesie” is revealed and she begins to “go feral,” snarling and chasing the family as though she were a cheetah. Before long, she’s pinned down Brandy and Bluey and Chilli run off to hide together.

While hidden, Bluey asks her mum why Brandy has only ever visited them once in their lives. Chilli explains...

Chilli: You know how you really want Bingo’s cheetah onesie ... but it doesn’t fit you, so you can’t have it? ... And there’s not really anything anyone can do to make it fit. Well, there’s something Auntie brandy wants more than anything as well, but she can’t have it, and there’s not really anything anyone can do.
Bluey: Why can’t she just have the thing she wants?
Chilli: Because it’s not meant to be...

As they speak, we see Brandy playfully wrestle with Bingo, who ultimately runs away, leaving Brandy looking bereft. Fans interpreted this as Brandy longing for a child of her own but being unable to have one. Her absence from her sister’s life has been because it’s been too painful to see Chilli live a life Brandy longs for.

Ultimately, Brandy and Chilli are able to reconnect by remembering a dance they created with one another in childhood, and the episode ends on an optimistic note, indicating that the pair will be able to move forward with a better relationship from here on out.

Many struggling with infertility appreciated the frank depiction of Brandy’s struggle.

In a popular video from @world.shaker, who often posts about Bluey on TikTok, highlighting a particular moment from “Onesies,” fans sounded off in the comments, with many personally connecting to the content of the episode and the character of Brandy.

“Dude I don’t need to be cryin on the toilet over bluey again,” joked one.

“My name is Brandy and I’ve been struggling with infertility for 12 years,” replied another. “This scene wrecked me.”

On the Bluey sub-Reddit, fans discussed the episode with similar humor and emotion.

“My infertile arse burst into tears and had to explain to my (IVF) daughter why I started sobbing,” wrote one redditor in a post from 2022. “Loved this episode.”

“I hope Brandy gets to have the thing she wants more than anything,” said another. “I don't know how, that's Brandy's business, I just want this cartoon dog's dream to come true.”

Reaction to the pregnancy reveal in “The Sign” was largely positive.

Needless to say that when Brandy appeared on-screen, however briefly, with a visibly pregnant belly, fans were delighted.

“I openly sobbed during #BlueyTheSign,” tweeted X user @sertrolvis. “Brandy is pregnant. All the heartache, all those negative tests, every single tear she shed, her storm passed, and the rainbow came. As someone who walked Brandy's path, I could jump for joy for her. Whew, what a journey.”

“i know y’all don’t care about Bluey, but not me starting to cry when i saw Brandy show up pregnant to the stupid wedding,” said @alleinamaggie.

“As someone who was absolutely DEVASTATED by the aunt Brandy episode of Bluey, The Sign healed me,” asserted @amybee24.

Others saw the happy reversal of Brandy’s fate as a missed opportunity.

“I didn't love Brandy's pregnancy reveal in The Sign,” tweeted @susqhb. “I would have loved to see them instead use the opportunity to educate about surrogacy, adoption or fostering. In Onesies, they made it seem as though she was beyond trying to conceive herself.”

“How the f-ck in [sic] Brandy pregnant???” exclaimed @therealchunkls. “I thought the whole point of "onesies" was that she's infertile?? ... I hope someone gets fired for that blunder.”

But naysayers are by far in the minority.

“Infertile =/= sterile!” declared @bananahotcocoa. “Infertile people can still have children. Brandy having a baby doesn’t negate her struggles in Onesies. It validates them. It doesn’t ruin her journey, it’s part of it!”

We’re looking forward to hopefully seeing Bluey and Bingo’s new cousin in future episodes.