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“Dangerous” Little Detail In This Bluey Episode About Cleaning Sparks Viral Fan Convo

“Isn’t that dangerous for dogs?”

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a child who loves a show is going to watch that show so much that parents become experts on it. In the case of Bluey, however, that isn’t a sacrifice: kids and adults love the Heeler family. In fact, in various corners of the internet, you can find groups dedicated to adult fans of Bluey, and those folks get really into it. Sometimes, they observe little details a more casual watcher wouldn’t notice... including a “dangerous” detail in Bluey episode 3:12, “Housework.”

The premise of “Housework” is, as most Bluey episodes are, cute and highly relatable. Chilli and Bandit, armed with cleaning supplies and a vacuum, begrudgingly set to tidying the house. Bluey and Bingo are tasked with picking up their blanket fort. As everyone starts cleaning, Bandit begins to notice the girls performing their task oddly. Every time they move from one spot to another they walk in an usual way. Not only that, but they walk differently every single time. Shutting off the vacuum, he sits to observe them, point out the quirk to Chilli. When she urges him to get back to work, he refuses.

“Oh no, I’m not doing anything until one of these kids walks past here not like a complete fruit loop,” he declares.

So the pair sit, entertained by their unwitting children’s antics until they say the winning walk: Bingo’s impossible to do “bee-yoop” walk. Eventually, Bingo teaches her parents how to recreate her moves, which they go on to incorporate into finishing their chores, making it more fun.

“Sounds cute!” you say. “So where’s the problem?”

Well, it’s not in the plot itself, but in a tiny detail. As Bingo shows her parents how to do the “bee-yoop” walk, we see this...

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Bluey, sitting on the couch, eating a nice big bowl of grapes. And no, the problem isn’t that the dog is up on the couch...

Grapes — whether fresh, dried as raisins, or in jams, jellies, and juices — are highly toxic to dogs. Ingesting grapes in any form can lead to acute kidney injury and ultimately renal failure in our furry friends, but it wasn’t until recent years that veterinarians have identified tartaric acid as the likely culprit in the fruit’s toxicity in canines.

A member of the Adult Bluey Fans Club on Facebook noticed this detail recently, posting, “I’m confused I’m watching housework and chilli [sic] is eating grapes I think isn’t that dangerous for dogs.”

Some chose to discuss this observation in good humor.

“As Bluey takes place millions of years in the future, where the human race is extinct and dogs have evolved to near human form. They may well have evolved the ability to eat grapes, chocolate etc,” says one. “Although there's a slight possibility that I might be overthinking this...”

“I know how you feel. I was surprised to see them driving cars. My dog has zero interest in learning to drive,” another jokes.

“What if real dogs watch it and think it’s okay to eat grapes?!!!” teases a third.

Bandit! What are you doing?!Disney+

Others pointed to the fact that the Heelers have also been seen eating chocolate, which is similarly terrible for pups.

But fellow fans mostly took this time to point out that this is a show about talking dogs, so it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“Humor an old person,” one requests, “could we adults stop overthinking this really good show.”

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