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Bandit, Bluey, and Chilli in their living room with hair ties around their tails.

The Best Bluey Episodes To Watch On April Fools’ Day For Silly Good Fun

There’s plenty of cheeky magic and jokes to go around in this adorable series.

For the past few years now, Bluey has been among our favorite shows to watch with our kids. And while our favorites are the sentimental episodes that allow us to see the beauty in parenting and everyday family life, we also love the silly episodes almost as much. And then, of course, there are the holiday episodes like “Easter” and “Verandah Santa.” But is there a Bluey April Fools’ Day episode?

While the prank-filled holiday is indeed celebrated in Australia, and the playful nature of April Fools’ Day is perfectly suited to the show’s jovial nature, unfortunately there’s no episode explicitly about April 1st. It’s nothing personal, April Fools’ Day: while a handful of Bluey holiday episodes do exist, they’re few and far between. So far, we’ve only had episodes for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

That said, Bluey fans who want to celebrate April Fools’ Day with thematically appropriate episodes of their favorite cartoon are in luck there’s plenty of episodes with the sort of good-natured jokes, pranks, and silliness that make for perfect April Fools’ Day viewing...

“Magic Xylophone” | Season 1, Episode 1


In this episode, Bingo rediscovers “the magic xylophone” in their playroom. Play a note and it has the power to freeze whoever you want. Play another and they’ll unfreeze. Of course, while their frozen is the perfect time to play some pranks on them — make them pick their nose, draw on their face, spray them with a hose, you name it. One by one, Bingo, Bandit, and Bluey use the powers of the magic xylophone to tease one another. It’s also a great episode to teach kids about taking turns and expressing their feelings in a constructive way.

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“Fairies” | Season 1, Episode 30


There’s mischief afoot in the Heeler home. We wonder if this has anything to do with Bingo feeling ignored by her dad... Of course, we all know who’s to blame: the fairies! These impish sprites have been putting hair ties on the family’s tails, slapping stickers all over everything, and other naughty (but harmless) pranks. But the Heelers’ biggest problem is the fairy rings all over the yard. Because, as we all know, if you enter a fairy ring, you dance until you drop! Will they be able to get these magical imps to knock it off?

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“Dance Mode” | Season 2, Episode 3


When Bandit accidentally eats the last of Bingo’s french fries, the family tries to make it up to her with a public game of “Dance Mode.” Press down on anyone’s tail and they have to dance, no matter where they are — in a shop, a crosswalk — it’s a delightful little prank. But when people keep turning Bingo’s turns, she’s going to have to learn how to speak up for herself.

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“Favourite Thing” | Season 2, Episode 7


This episode is all about reflecting on your favorite thing, choosing words carefully, and the fact that some kids are harder to cheer up than others. When the family decides to spend dinner talking about their favorite things, Bluey accidentally hurts Bingo’s feelings — Bingo doesn’t quite get the concept of laughing with someone and feels as though she’s being mocked. But as they go through the day, we’re reminded of her sense of humor, and it’s a prank that kids who love Bluey just can’t get enough of.

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“Tina” | Season 3, Episode 21


No kid likes to be told what to do, but when Bandit informs Bingo and Bluey that they have to do what he says because he’s bigger, they get an idea: an invisible friend named Tina... who’s big. Really big. Big enough to boss around Bandit and Chilli, and when Tina gets to bossing around, hilarity ensues. Of course, in the end, everyone in the family learns a valuable lesson about raising kids.

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Happy April Fools’ Day, everybody!