The 'Bluey' family tree.
Graphic by Margaret Flatley

This Bluey Family Tree Breaks Down How All The Characters Are Related

There’s more than just Mum, Dad, Bingo, and Bluey!

There is no family in the whole world, perhaps, that is more beloved than the Heelers. Mum (Chilli), Dad (Bandit), Bingo, and, of course, Bluey are adored by fans of all ages, who just want to know more and more about this sweet family of cartoon dogs. We here at Romper are also big fans, and so we’ve put together a Bluey family tree to show how everyone is connected.

Bandit’s parents are Chris and Bob Heeler.

Bob (aka Grandpa Bob or Bobba) and Chris (aka Nana) have appeared together in two episodes of Bluey: “Grannies” and “Fairytale,” the latter of which is a flashback episode set in the 1980s. They currently live on the Gold Coast, not far from Brisbane, in an apartment overlooking the ocean. The pair have three children, Radley (aka Rad), Bandit, and Stripe.

They are portrayed as kindly and good sports. Both happily learned to floss dance from Bluey via video call. But while Nana has appeared in seven episodes of Bluey and is usually present at milestone events like birthdays (“Handstand”) and Christmas (“Christmas Swim”), Grandpa Bob has been conspicuously absent, leading some fans to believe that he may be dead or otherwise unwell and perhaps in some sort of care facility.

Graphic by Margaret Flatley

Chilli’s parents are “Mum” and Mort Cattle.

The Cattles had two daughters together, Brandy and Chilli. Their family portrait can be seen in the Heeler’s living room alongside a picture of Chilli’s mum riding a horse.

Mort, whom Bluey and Bingo call Grandad, still lives in the house where Chilli grew up, which is surrounded by scrub and near a lake where Chilli, and now her girls, would go swimming. While Mort has had health struggles (specifically heartworm), he is a hale and hearty guy who still likes doing yard work and chores around his property.

A Bluey fan on Reddit clarified this image of Chilli’s family as seen in the episode “Promises.”Reddit

While Grandad has appeared in two episodes (“Grandad” and “Phones”), Chilli’s mum has only ever been seen in the aforementioned photographs or in flashback in the (as yet to be aired in the U.S.) episode “Dragon.” This episode, which aired on Mother’s Day in Australia, marks the first time the (yet unnamed) character has been directly addressed. Chilli also describes her in the past tense, strengthening the fan theory that she died before Bluey and Bingo were born.

Bluey’s Uncle Rad started dating her godmother, Frisky, in “Double Babysitter.”

Radley is the oldest child of Bob and Chris and is described on the official Bluey website as “the wild and wooly older brother” of the Heeler family. Because he works on an oil rig, he isn’t always able to be at family gatherings, but he makes great use of the time he does get to spend with them and even manages to babysit Bingo and Bluey when he can. In fact, babysitting is how he met his current partner, Frisky, who is Bluey’s godmother and Chilli’s good friend.

Frisky and Rad share a moment.Disney+

In “Double Babysitter,” both Rad and Frisky had agreed to watch the girls while Bandit and Chilli were out. While the double-booking was initially awkward, the two wound up really connecting over the course of the evening. (They both keep their fur fresh with almond milk shampoo!) When next we see each character (“Christmas Swim”) they are together on holiday.

Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie are the relatives Bluey sees the most.

Stripe is the youngest brother of the Heeler family. His own family — which includes his wife, Trixie, and their two daughters, Muffin and Socks — are the relatives who appear to be closest to Bluey’s in both proximity and affection, as the two families get together regularly, both for milestone events and casual playdates, sleepovers, and camping trips. Bandit routinely and warmly describe’s his brother’s behavior as “Classic Stripe” and Chilli and Trixie play hockey together.

The two Heeler families in “Verandah Santa.”Disney+

Muffin is the third Heeler cousin by age and has a big personality. Self-assured and loud, Muffin can be a bit chaotic, especially if she hasn’t had her nap, and is prone to emotional outbursts and occasional naughty behavior, but she’s learning just like the rest of us. Her little sister is Socks, the youngest cousin, still demonstrates some classic puppy behavior, like biting and barking, but she’s begun reining that in more and more as the series progresses.

Bluey’s Aunty Brandy appears in a fan-favorite episode, “Onesies.”

Aunty Brandy, Chilli’s older sister, has only appeared in one episode so far. It’s clear that Brandy has complicated feelings about seeing her younger sister’s family; feelings that appear to stem, at least in part, from the fact that Brandy wants to have children but can’t.

Brandy and Chilli share a moment together in “Onesies.”Disney+

Seeing Chilli’s sweet family (especially her niece, Bingo, who looks just like her) brings up a lot of heartache for Brandy, but it’s clear by the end of “Onesies” that the pair are beginning to mend their relationship by focusing on the fond childhood memories they have together.

And there you have it: Bluey’s extended family! We’ll keep you posted as new relatives are revealed.