Caps Off To You!

Bingo and Lila, both teens, stand side by side in graduation caps.

The Best Bluey Episodes To Help Celebrate Your Kid's Graduation

Is there a parenting milestone this show can’t get us through?

The trees are green, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are tweeting away in all their glory. That can only mean one thing: the end of the school year is nigh and it’s graduation season. Graduating from one grade or school to the next is a big milestone for scholars of all ages, and it’s a pretty big deal for parents to: you know we’re going to shed a tear. And of course, crying over the ephemeral beauty of childhood automatically makes us think of our favorite family show, who always seems to be there to help us reflect on big milestones. But is there a Bluey graduation episode?

Unfortunately, as of the end of Season 3, there’s no specific graduation episode of Bluey. But considering this is a show that’s largely about growing up and childhood milestones big and small, there’s no dearth of episodes that might just scratch that graduation day itch! Here are a few episodes to watch to help celebrate your child’s graduation.

“Daddy Dropoff” | Season 2, Episode 8

In this episode, it’s Bandit, not Chilli, who’s responsible for getting the girls to school. (Not helpful that they attend two different schools on opposite sides of town.) Time is of the essence, but Bluey and Bingo being Bluey and Bingo, they insist dad play games with them, delaying his plans. But ultimately, we learn that, sometimes, you need to stop and smell the roses (or, in this case, play the game).


“Daddy Dropoff” marks the debut of Lila, Bingo’s best friend, who narrated the episode, and this is why it makes a great graduation watch. We see how the two of them form their friendship, and in a rare flash-forward, we see that the pair not only stay friends but graduate together in years to come.

“Flat Pack” | Season 2 Episode 21

This very cerebral episode covers a lot of ground in just seven minutes: the evolution of life on earth, children growing up, coping with an empty nest, and death and the afterlife, all through the metaphor of building furniture.

After coming home from an Ikea-like furniture store, Bandit and Chilli set to the task of building a porch swing. Bingo and Bluey play with the discarded packaging, pretending to be fish, frogs, lizards, dinosaurs, birds, small mammals, monkeys, cavedogs, and, finally, members of advanced civilization. All the while, Bluey plays the role of the mom while Bingo grows older and older, from a baby to a teenager, to a grown-up. By the time the swing is built, Bingo is all grown up and off to explore outer space.


It’s a lovely metaphor for growing up, both as a child and a parent, and a poignant watch for anyone getting ready for an exciting next step.

“Barky Boats” | Season 2 Episode 38

This sweet episode is all about growing up, and features Mia and Captain, two 12-year-old students who come to Bluey’s school as “buddies” to the younger children. The two are kind and thoughtful with the younger kids, but still preoccupied by their own, increasingly complicated lives. In addition to their obvious crushes on one another, they are also nervous about going to high school next year, and spend some time talking about this big, sometimes scary transition.


It’s kind of a perfect graduation episode, and the travails of Mia and Captain mirror those of their little “buddies,” Bluey and Mackenzie.

“Baby Race” | Season 2 Episode 47

An episode guaranteed to make any mother sob in recognition, “Baby Race” is a fan favorite for a reason. This flashback episode features Chilli as a new mom to baby Bluey. (“Where was I?” asks Bingo. “You weren’t born yet!” Chilli replies, to which Bingo excitedly responds, “Ooh! I was invisible!”) Chilli is very proud when Bluey rolls over way earlier than most babies... maybe a little too proud. But her smug superiority diminishes when she sees other babies in her Mothers Group class move through their milestones faster. Soon she finds herself fixated on her daughter’s progression and quickly begins to feel as though she’s failing.


Fortunately a perfectly time visit from Coco’s mum, Bella, offers her some wisdom and reassurance. The episode ends with Bluey taking her first steps in the family kitchen and, well, ready your tissues, folks. It’s a great episode to reflect on growth, running your own race, and trusting the process. Just like the road to graduation!

“Chest” | Season 3 Episode 10

In “Chest,” Bandit has decided he wants to teach Bluey how to play chess. Chilli is skeptical — 7 years old seems a bit young for such a complicated game — but Dad appears undaunted and uncharacteristically serious. It isn’t too long before Chilli realizes why he’s so determined: because smart people know chess and he wants them to grow up clever. Right now they might just be little “prawns” (pawns), but someday they’ll be queens. He won’t always be there to protect them and wants to prepare them.


It’s a valuable lesson for parents who may be a little too hasty in thinking about the future, and a sweet reflection on what we do to try to prepare our children for an uncertain future.

This should give you enough to cry about until your kiddo takes the stage in their robes and graduation caps.