Bandit Presents...

Bandit cuddles in bed with Bluey and Bingo.

Bandit’s Unhinged Retelling Of A Classic Story Will Resonate With Parents At Bedtime

A classic as only Bandit could tell it.

After three super-long seasons (more than 50 episodes each!) the family-favorite series Bluey is on an indefinite hiatus. While we don’t know when Season 4 will air, the show announced the release of 20 “minisodes” — one to three minute slice-of-life stories from the Heelers — and the first batch just dropped on Disney+. Wackadoo! After a marathon watch, we’ve decided our favorite is “Three Pigs,” which perfectly captures bedtime silliness, and gives new life to an old classic.

Written by Bluey creator Joe Brumm and produced by the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning team at Ludo Studio (as are all the rest), “Three Pigs” shows Bandit telling Bingo and Bluey a bedtime story. Bandit suggests The Three Little Pigs. “Can you make it funny?” Bingo asks excitedly. And of course he does, because he’s Bandit.

He declares that the pigs are Jingo, Grooey, and Jimmy. “But Jimmy was on a team building course for work, so we won’t see him much.”

When the wolf comes to “Jingo’s” door, she doesn’t open it because she’s making nachos. There’s the traditional huffing and puffing but the story takes a turn when Bingo whispers a suggestion: Jingo calls the police! Bandit, ever the master improver, continues, adding that Jingo is “cacking herself” (slang for laughing) and “posting it on the ‘Gram and getting heaps of new followers.”

The wolf goes to jail, and the other pig, “Grooey,” helps “Jingo” rebuild the house, where they build an ice cream cone shaped pool and fill it with lemonade.

“Meanwhile,” Bandit continues, “the Big Bad Wolf’s got a softie judge who lets him out of jail on good behavior” under one condition: he has to go say sorry to the little pigs.

Jingo and Grooey forgive the wolf — who, incidentally, has decided to go vegan anyway, so he definitely won’t be eating them — and invite him to come swimming with them.

“But he kept peeing in the pool!” Bandit announces to the giggles of the girls. “And the pigs were like ‘Stop peeing in the pool, mate! It’s lemonade and we’re trying to drink it!’”

The wolf, of course, denies his crime (“I don’t do that kind of stuff, it’s against my religion”), and the pigs get to the bottom of this problem by putting a chemical in the lemonade pool that will turn purple if a wolf pees in it. As the wolf swims and eats couscous and talks about the Broncos “he goes all quiet and stares into space for a second with this sort of faraway look in his eyes...”

And wouldn’t you know it. The lemonade turned purple. The wolf runs away embarrassed and the pigs never see him again. But, it turns out he went on to become quite a successful tennis player “So, you know, the system works,” Bandit concludes cheerfully.

“Again!” the girls shout.

Bandit’s eyes go blank.


Because as fun as these stories are to tell, and for how much joy they bring our kids, when it’s bedtime it’s bedtime. Parents need some time to unwind before they have to play all these games again tomorrow.

Other minisodes that are currently available are “Burger Dog,” “Bingo 3000,” “Muffin Unboxing” (our other favorite), “Letter,” “Hungry,” and “Animals.” You can watch them individually on Disney+ or as a compilation (“Compilation #1”). The second batch of “minisodes” will premiere on platforms later this year, followed by the final batch in 2025. Don’t have Disney+? Don’t you worry. The 20 new episodes will be released in batches on the official Bluey YouTube channel later this year. And until then, you can watch 20 previously released shorts, available on YouTube and the official Bluey website.