Bandit, Bingo, and Bluey.

I Might've Slipped On Ma Beans Trying To Win This Bluey Xbox Console

One lucky winner will get to play Bluey: The Video Game on a matching console.

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We were already excited about Nov. 17, 2023. It’s Bluey: The Video Game release day, and Bluey enthusiasts have been waiting to get their hot little hands on a copy of the game — available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. The game is aimed at younger players, but which will no doubt be enjoyed by fans of all ages. And now, a sweepstakes from Xbox is making the release even more exciting with a Bluey Xbox console sweepstakes.

“The perfect way to play Bluey The Videogame,” the company tweeted on Nov. 17, “with a #Bluey Xbox!” Included in the tweet is an image of a Bluey themed console, but not just, like, a console with Bluey decals on it: the whole thing looks like Bluey Christine Heeler! (It makes sense: the cartoon puppy is essentially an oblong cube so getting a box-shaped item to look like her isn’t exactly a heavy lift.)

The sweepstakes rules are pretty simple: follow and retweet @Xbox’s tweet with the hashtag #BlueyXboxSweepstakes and you might be the one lucky winner of the custom console and controller. The only slight catch is that even though most (but not all) Bluey fans are of the grade school persuasion and younger, you must be 18 to enter. Though, based on the comments, there’s no dearth of adult Bluey fans wishing to win this holiday season. We can’t exactly blame them.

Come on! How cute is this? And check out Bluey and Bingo flossing on the controller.

They got the shape down perfectly...XBox

Bluey: The Video Game supports up to four players playing as Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, or Bandit, who navigate their way through favorite show-locations — including the Heeler’s home, the playground, and more — via story-driven, episodic gameplay. Once players complete activities in the four-part narrative they’ll earn in-game rewards including fun costumes, stickers, playable episodes, and new locations. Featured minigames are inspired by favorite games (like Keepy Uppy and Magic Xylophone) add to the fun. The game also features voice actors David McCormack (Bandit) and Melanie Zanetti (Chilli) as well as Bluey music tracks from composer Joff Bush.

Do we know our odds are slim? Of course. As of press time, not even a full day into the sweepstakes, the post has been retweeted more than 40,000 times. Still, it would be pretty cool to give our kid their very own, one-of-a-kind Bluey console this holiday season. (And yes, of course, we would also play with it.)

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