For real life!?

The Heeler family from 'Bluey.'
BBC Studios

New Bluey Tourist Attraction Is Coming With A Life-Size Replica Of The Heeler Home

That’s right, you can play Keepy Upper under the poinciana tree, just like Bluey and Bingo.

by Kaitlin Kimont

Bluey’s World, the show’s first-ever immersive experience full of life-sized attractions, is opening next summer. But there’s one caveat: it’s coming to Brisbane, Queensland. So go ahead and start looking at flights and planning your family’s next vacation in Australia. Because, cheese and crackers, you know you deserve a day spent as the Heelers, walking around their cul-de-sac IRL and sitting on the same couch where Chilli and Bandit nursed their NYE hangovers.

Bluey’s World is set to open in August 2024 in Brisbane’s Northshore Pavilion. Located in a 4,000-square meter (or about 43,055 square feet) building, the tourist attraction will feature life-size replicas of Bluey’s home, including the Heeler’s living room, kitchen, playroom, the girls’ bedroom, and, of course, their poinciana tree in the backyard. Visitors can also expect interactive games, set to the show’s catchy music, inspired by iconic Bluey episodes. There will also be a cafe and gift shop, and you can even book your kid’s next birthday party there.

“Brisbane and our great Queensland lifestyle are the obvious choice for the world debut of Bluey’s World. The world-famous Brisbane-based Heeler family has taken global TV and streaming by storm with many embedded animated references in the show to the Queensland capital’s landmarks and lifestyle,” Stirling Hinchliffe, tourism minister of Queensland, said in a statement.

Queensland, of course, is Bluey’s hometown, so it’s a fitting location for Bluey’s World to open next year. Several episodes that highlight the “Best of Brisbane” could very well serve as inspiration for the immersive experience, like “The Creek” and “Bob Bilby” from Season 1 and “The Quiet Game” and “Ice Cream” from Season 2.

Parents love Bluey just as much as their kids, and it sounds like there will be something for everyone at Bluey’s World. “Bluey is loved by people of all ages and Bluey’s World is going to be catering to people of all ages,” Fiona Lang, general manager of BBC Studios, said during an appearance on Today Show Australia. I actually, along with the interactive play, it actually will be the elements of theater that the big kids will enjoy as much as the little [kids.]”

An exact opening date and ticket prices have not yet been announced, but you can sign up for be on the mailing list for Bluey’s World to receive updates on when pre-sale tickets will be available. Until then, we have a new super-sized Bluey episode to look forward to when it airs on Disney+ in 2024.