Brittany and Patrick Mahomes celebrated their son's birthday.
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Brittany & Patrick Mahomes Threw Their Son An Epic Football-Themed 1st Birthday Party

Based on the photos, his big sister Sterling had the best time.

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Patrick and Brittany Mahomes celebrated their son’s first birthday over the weekend, and it’s probably not terribly surprising that the entire thing was football-themed. Patrick “Bronze” Mahomes III is the son of the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback, after all, and turning one is obviously a momentous occasion in any family. So this couple decided to really go for it in honor of their son, turning a gym into a miniature football stadium for Bronze’s first birthday party. Which was all great for their 3-year-old daughter Sterling, who possibly enjoyed the party even more than her little brother.

Brittany Mahomes shared several adorable photos and videos of Bronze’s first birthday on her Instagram Story, starting with a video of Sterling availing herself of some of the party snacks before it had even begun. A definite benefit of being the older sister at this sort of party. When her mom told her that she had to wait, she looked slightly sheepish and asked innocently “the party hasn’t started yet?” before moving on to take off her shoes and climb into the inflatable slide. A move that had her mother asking, “Sterling’s birthday or Bronze?”

Bronze celebrated his first birthday.Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Sterling did seem like she was having a great time checking out all of the carnival-like events, like the personalized Build-a-Bear Workshop that was on-site. Who even knew that was a thing?

Sterling Mahomes loved her little brother’s birthday party.Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Bronze did get to enjoy some of his birthday festivities, of course, hanging out with one of his little friends at a smaller climber in his “First Down” birthday onesie.

Bronze Mahomes has turned one.Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

And obviously, dad Patrick Mahomes was having a great time too.

Patrick Mahomes was all smiles at his son’s birthday party. Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

The football theme was everywhere at Bronze’s birthday party, including the official birthday cake and the recurring “Bronze’s First Down” message emblazoned everywhere.

The theme? “Bronze’s First Down.”Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

When it came to eating his birthday cake, however, Bronze had his own personal little smash cake. And did his best to figure out how to enjoy it with everyone watching.

Bronze Mahomes was into his birthday cake.Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

It was a first birthday party to beat all first birthday parties. Just ask Bronze’s sister Sterling, who had more fun than anyone.

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