Brody Jenner Made "Breast Milk Lattes" When He Had Ran Out Of Almond Milk

“I hear great things about breast milk. I hear it’s very nutritious. I hear it’s very delicious. I think it’ll do.”

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Brody Jenner was just trying to get a little coffee moment going with his fiancée Tia Blanco when he made a terrifying discovery. They were completely out of almond milk. How were he and Blanco supposed to drink their delicious coffee without the addition of almond milk, how? Fortunately, the couple recently welcomed their first child together, daughter Honey Raye, back in August. Even more fortunately, Blanco is breastfeeding. So he was able to do a quick workaround and use her breast milk in his coffee. Crisis averted.

The Hills star and his surfer partner took to their YouTube channel to share Jenner’s recent experience of using breast milk in his coffee. “I just came out to make us both some coffee, and we are out of almond milk. But I did find one thing,” he explained before holding up a bag of breast milk for the camera. “Now I hear great things about breast milk. I hear it’s very nutritious. I hear it’s very delicious. I think it’ll do.”

Before you start thinking that Jenner isn’t being courteous, he did double check with Blanco first before he helped himself to the breast milk. In the video, he heads on over to Blanco, who is napping with baby Honey, to say, “Sorry to disturb you but we’re out of almond milk. Do you mind if we use the breast milk that I put in the fridge last night?” She agreed it would probably be “really good for you” and he happily went back to the kitchen to prepare a “breast milk latte” for them both.

The verdict? “It’s frigging delicious,” according to Jenner.

Breast milk is, rather famously, quite good for humans. So Jenner doesn’t have to worry about adding some to his coffee (with Blanco’s permission, of course). It is also rather famously quite a bit of work for many mothers to pump for their babies, so he might want to enjoy his breast milk lattes sparingly and go buy a bit of almond milk.

Jenner certainly appears to have found plenty to love about being a first-time dad beyond all of those delicious breast milk lattes. Since Honey’s arrival in August, he has been sharing his journey on social media featuring his baby girl and his partner and their new life together. And, much like his breast milk latte, it all looks “frigging delicious.”

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