Children's books if you loved Charlotte's Web
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16 Children's Books If Your Kids Loved Charlotte's Web

Bring on all of the animal adventures.

There’s something special about children’s books that have been passed down from generation to generation, and Charlotte’s Web, written by E.B. White, is definitely no exception. The elementary chapter book is a favorite among kids and parents for its entertaining story, beloved cast of characters, and endearing message. But despite the fact that this is one of those books you can read over and over again without getting bored of it, at some point your kids will want to read something else. Luckily, there are plenty of great children’s books your kids will love if they also loved Charlotte’s Web.

At its core, Charlotte’s Web is the story of an unlikely friendship. The book is about Wilbur the pig, the runt of the litter who loses his only friend, a little girl named Fern, when he is sold to another farm. It’s there that he meets Charlotte the spider, and the two become best friends. They keep each other company and, eventually, Charlotte saves Wilbur’s life. The story is touching, with a message about friendship, love, loyalty, and bravery. The below stories all share a similar message, and they also all deliver on engaging plot lines and lovable characters. Be sure to add them to your bookcase!

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Another E.B. White Favorite

If your kids loved reading Charlotte’s Web, then there’s a good chance they will love more of E.B. White’s genius work. Stuart Little is another fan favorite and is also about animals. The classic story is about a shy but adventurous mouse who lives in New York City with his family of humans. His best friend is a bird named Margalo, and when she goes missing, Stuart ventures out of his home for the first time in his life to look for her. Full of daring adventures, curiosity, and bravery, Stuart Little is an endearing story that they’ll love to read.


An Animal & Human Friendship

Another book about an adventurous mouse, The Mouse and the Motorcycle is written by classic children’s book author Beverly Cleary, so you know it’s a good one. In the book, a little mouse named Ralph hops onto a red toy motorcycle, only to be thrust into a few wildly exciting adventures. While having fun on his motorcycle, Ralph also comes across plenty of obstacles, but he has a friend, a boy named Keith, to help him through everything. This book touches on the similar storyline of Wilbur being so close with Fern, and it will make every kid want an animal bestie of their own.


A Cute Series

One of the things that makes Charlotte’s Web special is the friendship between Wilbur the pig and Fern, a human. A Boy Named Bat also features an animal and human friendship: it’s about Bat, a boy on the autism spectrum, who meets and befriends a baby skunk. While Bat is taking care of the skunk and trying to nurse him back to health, he ends up wanting to keep him forever. This book, which is the first in a series, not only tackles unlikely friendships, but is also about the challenges that Bat faces as someone on the autism spectrum.


Another Old Favorite

This book, The Curious Lobster, was first introduced back in 1937, so it definitely qualifies as an old classic. It’s about Mr. Lobster and his friends in the sea and on land. Mr. Lobster has avoided getting trapped by a fisherman for years, but he starts getting bored where he lives in the ocean, and starts to think about a life on dry land. The book is about Mr. Lobster’s journey to dry land, and explores the way he makes friends with everyone — even those who should be his enemy. It’s about curiosity, having an open mind, and making friends, and it’s a sweet story that doesn’t feel too sappy.


Another Farm Story

The kids who loved the farm aspect of Charlotte’s Web will love Escape From Baxter’s Barn, which takes place in a barn on another farm. The story is about Burdock the barn cat, who sneaks into the Baxters’ farmhouse kitchen to warm up behind the stove. While he’s there, he overhears a plot that will put all of the animals in danger, and he knows that it’s up to him to save everyone… well, him and his friends: the cow, the pig, and an owl. Fun illustrations and a charming story make this a book your kids will quickly fall in love with.


A Tale Of Two Brothers

This adorable tale about family and friendship, The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, is a National Book Award Finalist. It tells the story of racoon brothers Bingo and J’miah, who are the newest recruits of the Official Sugar Man Swamp Scouts. They serve the Sugar Man, the creature who rules over the swamp. But someone is threatening to take over and change the swamp they all love and live in, and there are challenges coming from multiple different directions. Bingo and J’miah and the rest of the Scouts have to fight for the swamp and the Sugar Man, and the result is a tale that is funny and adventurous.


A Unique Story

For kids who like stories about something a little different, there’s Me and Marvin Gardens. This isn’t your average human-animal friendship story. This one is about a boy named Obe Devlin, who is dealing with a whole host of challenges from his friends to his family. Searching for solace, he hangs out by a creek, where he stumbles upon a creature that eats plastic. The animal, named Marvin Gardens, becomes Obe’s friend and secret, and keeping him safe becomes Obe’s goal. This is definitely a more unique story about friendship, bravery, and overcoming hard things, and kids who deal with the same will love it.


A Book About Art

This book, The One and Only Ivan, is inspired by the true story of a gorilla who lived alone in a cage at an indoor zoo in a mall for 30 years. It imagines how the gorilla felt about his life and also explores the feelings of his neighbor, Stella the elephant. Ivan the gorilla loves to paint and has memories of his days living with his family in the jungle. When his caretaker, Max, starts showing a different side of himself, Ivan begins to imagine escaping and rescuing Stella and another baby elephant, and he uses painting to do that. This is a beautiful story about bravery and art.


A Picture Book

This beautifully illustrated picture book, Horsefly and Honeybee, is about an unlikely friendship that stems from conflict. In the book, the honeybee takes a nap in the same flower as the horsefly, which starts a lot of trouble. Neither one wants to share the flower, and they end up getting in an argument. They eventually meet again, when both are captured by a hungry bullfrog. In order to escape and save their lives, the two have to figure out a way to work together. This is a sweet story that uses simple text to convey its message, which is an important one for kids to learn.


A Story About Love

In many ways, Charlotte’s Web is a story about love, just like this classic from Shel Silverstein. The Giving Tree is about a tree who loves a little boy. Every day, the boy goes to the tree to eat the tree’s apples and play on its branches, which the tree loves. When the boy gets older, he asks for more out of the tree, and the tree continues giving, even when it barely can. This story is about love, acceptance, and relationships, and it’s an easy one to read with a really big and meaningful message, just like Charlotte’s Web.


A Book About Unexpected Friends

The BFG, like Charlotte’s Web, is about unexpected friendships. You wouldn’t think that a pig and a spider would be so close, and you also would never imagine that a giant and a little kid could be. The BFG is a true classic kid’s book as well, and it tells the story of the Big Friendly Giant, who is much too nice to be a giant. He takes a little girl named Sophie in the middle of the night, but instead of eating her, like other giants might, he becomes friends with her. Together, the two of them work together to save the other kids in England from the much meaner giants.


An Illustrated Version

Whether your kids love Charlotte’s Web enough to want yet another Charlotte’s Web book, or you want to introduce the story to younger kids who aren’t quite ready for a chapter book, the version Some Pig! is a great option. This book uses the text of Charlotte’s Web with the illustrations of Maggie Kneen to bring the story to life in a whole new way. It’s a charming picture book that really shows all of the scenes in beautiful detail and helps introduce younger kids to the story. It’s a nice keepsake to have and also makes a really thoughtful gift.


An Adventurous Tale

The Rescuers is another fun, touching tale about friendships and adventure. It’s the story of Miss Bianca, a white mouse who lives a life of luxury thanks to her friend, the ambassador’s son. That calm, elegant life is disrupted when the Prisoners’ Aid Society chooses Miss Bianca to do the job of rescuing a Norwegian poet from the Black Castle. Miss Bianca gets help in the form of Nils, the bravest mouse around, and they go on an adventure with other friends to save the prince. Along the way, amidst turmoil, friendships are formed.


A Nature-Lover’s Book

For the little ones who love Charlotte’s Web and love anything to do with nature and being outside, The Secret Garden is a great choice. This sweet classic is about a girl who finds herself and a happier life through a private garden, and is a must-read on every child’s list. Mary Lennox, an orphan, goes to life at her uncle’s mansion, which is full of secrets… including someone crying every single night. With nothing else to do, Mary spends her time exploring the outdoors, and stumbles upon a secret garden that is locked behind walls. When she finds the key, she gets to work restoring the garden alongside two unlikely friends, and everything changes for the better for all of them.


A Fun Picture Book

More unlikely animal friendship is served up in this delightful tale of the relationship between an armadillo and a hare in Armadillo and Hare. The two live together in the Big Forest and while they have plenty of differences, they do both love cheese sandwiches. The two have an eclectic mix of friends in the forest, and the book is about all of the things they can all learn from each other. This is a charming and sweet story that goes alongside gorgeous illustrations, and it’s one your kids will love reading many times. It’s a reminder of how important different friendships can be.


Another Book About Pigs

Maybe your kids love Charlotte’s Web because they love pigs, or at least reading stories about pigs. If so, introduce them to The Sheep-Pig. Not only is this a beloved classic, but it’s also the story that inspired the film Babe. When the pig Babe gets won at a fair by Farmer Hogget, a sheep-dog named Fly adopts him, and Babe wants to learn everything Fly knows. Babe loves Fly so much that he wants to be just like him… or maybe he can be a sheep-pig. This adorable story is entertaining and inspiring, and they’ll totally fall for Babe. And then you can all watch the movie together!

Adding any of these books to your child’s bookshelves will give them more stories about adventure, bravery, loyalty, and friendships. And who doesn’t want that?!