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Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Put John Legend On Blast For Calling Luna The "Best Daughter"

“Just read this to Esti.”

John Legend broke a cardinal parenting rule recently, and Chrissy Teigen promptly put him on blast for it. The dad of four shared a sweet tribute to the couple’s oldest daughter Luna for her eighth birthday, and he used a word that we parents are not supposed to use in relation to our kids, which his wife very quickly flagged with a five-word response.

Legend and Teigen celebrated Luna’s eighth birthday over the weekend, along with their 5-year-old son Miles, 1-year-old daughter Esti, and 10-month-old son Wren. The “All Of Me” singer shared a series of photos of his oldest (not only, remember that for later) daughter on Instagram; striking a pose in her ballet dress, playing tenns, picking lemons off a tree in a pair of cool yellow sunglasses, and running down the street carrying a bunch of flowers and a donut.

“Luna made us parents 8 years ago today and she’s truly the best daughter we could ask for. We love you to the moon and back, my brilliant girl!” Legend captioned the his birthday post for Luna.

Teigen’s response? “Just read this to Esti.”

That’s right, John Legend has not one but two daughters. Which parents everywhere know means he can’t really be bandying about with descriptors like “best” anymore. While it seems pretty likely that he certainly wasn’t comparing Luna to Esti or playing favorites, the fact that Teigen called him out had their followers laughing and some even offering helpful alternatives. “Favorite non-baby girl” one person suggested Legend might try next time, or “best first daughter.”

Or maybe he and Esti are squashing some sort of secret beef these days. He did scare the heck out of her when he had a big reaction to her saying “Da-da” for the first time, making her cry. I mean, probably not. He seemed pretty excited to hear his non-best daughter saying “Da-da.” A sweet term of endearment Legend might not hear again for awhile after Esti gets wind of this “best daughter” drama.

The likeliest version is that Legend, who was a dad of one daughter and one son until a year ago, is still getting accustomed to the shift in parenting. Certainly Teigen herself admitted in an interview with People last August that she was worried her older kids wouldn’t feel “loved” after the little ones arrived.

Calling Luna his “best daughter” should solve that problem.