Pixar's New Elemental Trailer Introduces Us To The Residents Of Element City

Ember is ready to leave her comfort zone in Fire Town for new adventures in Elemental.

If your kids are fans of movies that are built on the idea of entirely different worlds existing separate from us à la Zootopia, they’re bound to get excited watching the trailer for Elemental. Pixar’s new animated feature film sees the four elements all living in relative harmony in separate sectors of the same city. But as we see in Elemental’s new trailer, things can change when those elements mix.

Fire, water, land, and air all live together in “Element City” in Elemental.

Elemental is “set in Element City, where fire-, water-, land- and air residents live together,” according to the film’s synopsis. The only issue being that none of the elements are meant to mix with each other. While they might see each other out on the train that connects the city, it can be dangerous if, say, a fiery young woman named Ember starts hanging out with a happy-go-lucky water element named Wade, who challenges Ember to think independently instead of allowing everyone to tell her what to do with her life. Much to the chagrin of her father, who was really hoping Ember would take over the family business.

Pixar released the official trailer for Elemental.

The trailer opens with Ember happily going about her business in Element City and preparing to take over her dad’s restaurant, avoiding contact with the other elements without much issue. Until Wade comes through her pipes and invites her to just go ahead and try mixing things up by leaving Fire Town, her own corner of Element City. He introduces her to the beauty of all the elements, and has her wondering if she’s really living the life she wants.

Elemental tells a story about finding your own way with your family.

Elemental director Peter Sohn told Collider in November that much of the movie was inspired by his own relationship with his family. “[It’s about] thanking our parents and just hitting these themes of a culture clash. But it’s not an autobiography, so there is a way to disconnect from it. Obviously, I’m not an element, but some of the themes come from a real place,” he explained. “Something about these themes is just very universal, so that’s been great fuel to make this, but at the same time, it is vulnerable. I can’t lie, it’s a vulnerable act to just go, ‘Oh, right, these are some of the issues that I had with my parents and with trying to fit into a country that I was born in.’”

When does Elemental premiere?

Pixar’s Elemental will be released in 3D in theaters on June 16, 2023.