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Explore The Great Outdoors With These 20 Family-Friendly Movies About Nature

These movies will transport you into the great outdoors — without having to deal with those pesky bugs.

From land to sea, nature is the world’s most precious resource. Nature is the air we breathe, the animals we interact with, the trees that provide us with oxygen. There is so much to appreciate about the great outdoors, and these family-friendly movies about nature do just that.

There is so much to love about the outdoors — from animals to beautiful places to natural wonders. It’s so much fun to just be outside, go on a hike, and appreciate all that nature has to offer in your area. But for those who have limited resources or just simply don’t want to deal with the unpredictable temperatures or pesky bugs, watching movies about nature can still accomplish the same thing. From fun animated movies about insects, like Antz and A Bug’s Life, to documentaries that get you closer to the animals than humanly possible, like Bears and Dolphin Reef, there is a movie about nature for everyone in the family to enjoy.

So sit down on your couch, and put on one of these nature films. It’s almost like camping out under the stars without actually having to sleep outside.


“A Bug’s Life”

An ant assembles a band of insect warriors to help him defeat the grasshoppers who are threatening his home in this Pixar film from 1998.

Watch A Bug’s Life, rated G, on Disney+.


“Adventures of the Wilderness Family”

In this movie based on a true story from 1976, a family, bored with living in California, move to the Rocky Mountains to be among the wilderness.

Watch Adventures of the Wilderness Family, rated G, on tubitv.



When a worker ant dreams of winning the heart of the beautiful princess ant, he trades places with his soldier ant friend to get closer to her.

Rent Antz, rated PG, for $3.99 on Amazon Prime.


“Arctic Tale”

Queen Latifah narrates this 2007 nature documentary about a polar bear cub and walrus pup living in the arctic.

Watch Arctic Tale, rated G, on Pluto TV.


“Disneynature: Bears”

Viewers are transported into the year in the life of a bear family living in Alaska in this Disneynature documentary.

Watch Disneynature: Bears, rated G, on Disney+.


“Disneynature: Dolphin Reef”

Explore the home of Echo, a Pacific bottle nose dolphin, with the rest of his family members in this 2018 documentary from Disneynature.

Stream Disneynature: Dolphin Reef, rated G, on Disney+.


“Dr. Doolittle”

Eddie Murphy stars as Dr. Doolittle, a successful physician who rediscovers his talent for talking to animals in this 1998 film.

Rent Dr. Doolittle, rated PG-13, for $3.99 on YouTube Movies.


“Ferngully: The Last Rainforest’

The magical beings that inhabit a rainforest fight to save their home from a logging and polluting force in this animated movie musical from 1992.

Rent Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, rated G, on Amazon Prime for $3.99.


“Free Willy”

An orphaned boy forms a bond a young Orca whale separated from his family and does everything in his power to protect him.

Rent Free Willy, rated PG, for $3.99 on Google Play.


“Fly Away From Home”

A 13-year-old girl and her estranged father bond when they adopt an orphaned flock of geese and teach them how to fly.

Rent Fly Away from Home, rated PG, on YouTube Movies for $3.99.


“Happy Feet”

In a world filled with singing penguins, one dancing penguins must find a way to woo his true love through his own unique talents.

Watch Happy Feet, rated PG, on Peacock.


“Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”

Three family pets, scared of being separated from their owners, embark long journey home through the wilderness.

Watch Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, rated G, on Disney+.



When a housing development threatens a fragile species of owls, it’s up to three kids to break some rules and take a stand in this movie based on the best selling novel by Carl Hiaasen.

Rent Hoot, rated PG, on YouTube Movies for $1.99.


“Ice Age”

A group of subzero heroes team up to return a human child to its father while attempting to save themselves from the upcoming Ice Age.

Rent Ice Age, rated PG, on YouTube Movies for $3.99.



Four animals from a New York City zoo are transported to the wilderness of Madagascar and forced to adjust to living in the wild.

Rent Madagascar, rated PG, for $3.99 on Amazon Prime.


“March of the Penguins”

This stunning documentary follows the yearly journey of penguins in Antarctica on their quest to find the perfect mate and start a family.

Rent March of the Penguins, rated G, on YouTube Movies for $2.99.


“The Adventures of Milo and Otis”

A dog and cat befriend each other and go on an adventure in this narrated, live action film from 1989.

Stream The Adventures of Milo and Otis, rated G, on Amazon Prime.



A determined robot named WALL-E discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a sleek robot named EVE. Together, these robots explore the universe in this 2008 animated Pixar film.

Watch WALL-E, rated G, on Disney+.


“We Bought A Zoo”

A dad of two gives up his life to move his family to a house with a zoo in the backyard. With the help of the staff and zoo animals, the family embarks on a brand new adventure.

Stream We Bought A Zoo, rated PG, on HBO Max.


“Xico’s Journey”

A girl, her best friend, and a dog set out to save a mountain from a gold hungry corporation in this Netflix original animated film.

Watch Xico’s Journey, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.