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10 Kid-Friendly Halloween Episodes From TV Shows Your Little Vampire Already Loves

Plus where to watch them all!

Halloween is right around the corner and there are plenty of spooky, fun episodes and specials to be watched! Whether you’re looking to enjoy a family-friendly fright fest or if your little one just likes celebrating ghouls and goblins all year long, we have a list of not-so-scary Halloween episodes from a few popular kids’ shows like Doc McStuffins, Vampirina, The Proud Family, Teen Titans, and more.

These episodes have just enough chills and giggles to keep kids sleeping throughout the night with the lights off, and — bonus! — in their own rooms. In other words, you won’t find anything nightmarish from the episodes featured on this list. But what you will find is a family reunion of vampires, a pet who can morph into a skeleton or pumpkin, a teen superhero who has to battle a grumpy ghost to save her family, and our favorite Disney characters dressed like a few of our favorite Toy Story ones.

When a movie is just too long to watch, here are 10 kid-friendly Halloween episodes you can watch with the lights on — and a bowl of candy corn, of course.

Doc McStuffins: “Hallie Halloween”


In Season 2, Episode 18, it’s Halloween night and Hallie takes her toys out trick-or-treating. But since her toys are magical and can move and talk, she warns them to not do either, since everyone will be dressed up, and let’s face it, talking toys can freak people out! Everyone is enjoying the night until the toys see someone dressed up like Hallie. The wind blows Hallie’s hat away and Doc runs after it. Meanwhile, Hallie wanders off to get a better look at the girl dressed like her and ends up getting separated from Doc and the rest of the group, and she ends up getting spooked by kids’ scarier costumes. The lesson: stay with your trick-or-treat group and don’t wander off. Also, watch the wind to avoid your hat from flying away!

Other Doc McStuffins Halloween episodes to check out include “Boo-Hoo to You!” (Season 1, Episode 23) and “Hide and Eek!” (Season 2, Episode 25).

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Super Why!: “The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween”

Super Why! is a PBS Kids show and in this particular episode, the town of Storybrook Village is celebrating Halloween. But Pig is so frightened that he won't go trick or treating with his friends, according to the episode’s synopsis. The Super Readers also pay a storybook visit to Little Ghost, who's a bit of a scaredy cat himself. Yes, it's a ghost who is also afraid of Halloween! But Little Ghost ends up teaching everyone more about Halloween and the spooky season. SuperWhy! is a preschool series that focused on building kids’ literacy skills; it aired from 2007 to 2016.

Watch Super Why! on YouTube and PBS Kids.

Sid the Science Kid: “Halloween Spooky Science Special”

This Halloween episode from Sid the Science Kid over 5 million views on YouTube, and it’s no surprise why. “It's Halloween time and Sid and his friends have dressed up in the spookiest and scariest costumes possible. Sid is a bat with big fangs. May is a spooky black cat. Gabriela is a furry, yucky spider. And Gerald is a super spooky skeleton that goes boo! Susie (dressed as a silly mad scientist) loves their costumes, and helps the kids discover that Halloween can be spooky and scientific!” the episode’s synopsis reads. “The kids investigate how bats are helpful creatures that catch mosquitoes, spiders are expert engineer web builders, cats are leaping aerial acrobats, and skeletons help hold up our body frames! At the Halloween party, the kids also investigate how to make icky, gooey green slime. Susie then ends the day with a special ‘Halloween Parade’ song so the kids can march around and show off their spooky and scientific costumes!”

Watch Sid the Science Kid on YouTube.

The Proud Family: “A Hero for Halloween”


Penny Proud saves her family and the day in this Proud Family Halloween special. Everyone is in the spooky spirit and Penny is forced to serve her dad’s Scary Snax to trick-or-treaters. But something incredible happens when she bites one of her father’s snacks, she develops superpowers. And it’s just in time to thwart a major crime spree by the Gross Sisters. She also needs to protect her family from the wrath of a miserable, cranky ghost named Krebs, a very rich man who passed away without friends or family in their house. To add insult to injury, he’s forced to watch the Proud Family move into his former home and enjoy the very things he never had.

Watch The Proud Family on Disney+.

Teen Titans Go: “Caramel Apples / Halloween”


In Season 2, Episode 9 of Teen Titans Go!, which is based on DC Comics for Cartoon Network, one of the superheroes, Raven, tries to return the spirit of Halloween to the holiday. Another Halloween episode titled “Scary Figure Dance” follows the Titans as they throw a Halloween party but is interrupted by the Hive Five robbing a candy factory. And after the battle hits a major shift, very strange things start happening around H.I.V.E. Tower. In the end, both the Titans and HIVE have a good time and have the best Halloween ever.

Watch Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network and Hulu.

My Magic Pet Morphle: “My Magic Halloween with Mila and Morphle”

In this animated series, Morphle is scared when the pirates steal everyone's candy. He ends up morphs into all sorts of spooky characters, including skeletons and pumpkins. There are dinosaurs, cars, dump trucks, cats, and dogs. My Magic Pet Morphle is a British animated children's television series created in 2011 by Dutch animator Arthur van Merwijk. The children’s show is centered around a girl named Mila and her magic pet Morphle, who can transform his appearance at Mila's will. It’s a good one for tots and teaches themes of friendship, problem-solving, and creativity.

Watch My Magic Pet Morphle on Apple TV and Hulu.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: “Katerina's Costume / Dress-Up Day”

In the Season 4 premiere, Daniel and Katerina make their costumes for Dress-Up Day for Miss Elaina's Museum-Go-Round. Dress-Up Day is a time everyone celebrates at the annual Main Street parade and it also happens to be around Halloween! Daniel and Miss Elaina know what they want to be but Katerina is having a hard time with her costume. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is an animated kids series about a preschool tiger with a theme song that will remind you of the classic Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood’s on PBS Kids and Apple TV.

Pinky and the Brain: “A Pinky & the Brain Halloween”


This special Halloween episode of the Warner Bros. cartoon takes a bit of a sinister, comedic turn. Pinky sells his soul to the devil so that the Brain can take over the world. The Brain then has to challenge the devil to get Pinky's soul back. In the end, the two learn any deal with the guy down below isn’t worth the trouble or the torture, even for world dominion. Pinky and the Brain is the brainchild of creators Tom Ruegger and Steven Spielberg. It ran for four seasons, from 1995, until it was canceled in 1998.

Watch Pinky and the Brain on YouTube, Hulu, and Apple TV.

Vampirina: “Hauntleyween/Frankenflower”


Vampirina has several Halloween episodes you can sink your fangs into this spooky season. One of the very first ones is in Season 1, Episode 24, titled “Hauntleyween.” In it, Vee is preparing her family for their first Halloween together. She invites them from Transylvania to celebrate the holiday together in Pennsylvania. But being around all of those humans has the family afraid that the town will find out their secret. In the same special, titled “Frankenflower,” Vee tries to bring a dead flower back to life.

Other Vampirina episodes include:

  • Season 2, Episode 15a: "Trick or Treaters"
  • Season 2, Episode 16a: "Jumpin' Jack-o-Lanterns"
  • Season 3, Episode 5a: "Double Double Halloween Trouble"

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: “Mickey’s Treat”

Season 1, Episode 17 brings together the whole Mickey Mouse gang, also known as the “Sensational Six,” in a special, spooky cute episode. Mickey and his friends are rushing to make it in time to the Halloween party hosted by Pete, which takes place at the Trick or Treat Tower. But no one has ever come to Pete’s party before. To help him, they get a few things to spice up the party, including a Jack O'Lantern. In this episode, Donald and Daisy dressed as a cowboy and Little Bo Peep, which is very reminiscent of Woody and Bo Peep from Toy Story. Mickey dresses up as a magician, Minnie is a witch and Goofy is a knight.

Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney+ and YouTube.

Happy watching!