This Hidden Detail In Bluey Is A Nod To Princess Diana’s Royal Wedding

No detail too small for these animators.

There’s a level of watching Bluey that only the most devoted of fans will understand. These fans are often called parents. Fans like one mom on TikTok, who has watched the show so many times that she now just focuses on what’s happening in the background to see what she can spot because, as she noted in a viral TikTok, “there’s no filler” in the way Bluey is animated. For example, there’s a hidden nod to Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ royal wedding in the “Granny Mobile” episode that was so tiny, only the deepest of divers could have seen it.

Season 3, Episode 33 of Bluey sees Bluey, Bingo, and Muffin cos-playing as different types of grannies at a yard sale hosted by their neighbor Doreen, who needs help because she’s not asking for enough money for her items, which were duly scrutinized by Gwenna Laithland, who goes by @mommacusses on TikTok,

“I’ve been watching so much Bluey, I’m no longer watching the episodes. I’m looking at all the details in the background,” Laithland says. Why, you ask? “Because the animators and illustrators who work for Bluey miss nothing, nothing is accidental.”

Laithland then shares a screenshot taken at Doreen’s yard sale of a plate featuring two dog heads. “Who do those dogs look like?” she asks, pointing out that that plate says “royal wedding” with the date July 1981 engraved on the bottom. The very month and year now King Charles and Princess Diana were married. “They put Charles and Diana’s wedding plate at Doreen’s garage sale,” she says. And we just hope Doreen asks for lots of money because that has to be worth something.

Indeed, the Bluey royal wedding plate looks remarkably like the actual royal wedding commemorative plate, so Doreen really has a find on her hands here.

Tim Graham/Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

This clever little Easter egg was also spotted months ago by Bluey fans on Reddit, who were suitably impressed with the level of detail that the animators put into the background of each episode.

“Yes! My Nanna had a plate that this was clearly modeled on. The Ludo animators are fantastic at Bluey-ifying real world objects from Australian history and present,” wrote one.

It was especially exciting to see how the animators somehow managed to capture the essence of what King Charles and Princess Diana might look like if they were dogs. Princess Diana’s blonde hair and side eye, King Charles’ quizzical brow. Not to mention the fact that the breed is spot on, as one Redditor pointed out: “That is a King Charles Spaniel on the left!”

Something tells us Princess Diana would have gotten a kick out of this little nod. And that she would have been a Bluey superfan like the rest of us.