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A list of our favorite history podcasts for kids and families.
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The Best Podcasts For Kids Who Really Love History

You’re never too young to learn about the past!

Something we love about podcasts is the fact that no matter who you are, there’s something out there for you. Another great perk is the fact that podcasts can turn education into entertainment. There’s no dearth of educational podcasts for kids out there, so much so that we have to break it down by category to give proper recommendations. So we’ve rounded up our favorite history podcasts for kids that your little ones (and not so little ones) will enjoy so much they won’t even know they’re learning. (And you just might learn a thing to two as well...)

From introductory material to well-known historical figures or events like Julius Caesar to historical esoterica (ever wonder about the invention of the shoe?), kids will be captivated by these remarkable, often unusual stories. From experience, I can tell you that it’s especially fun when they start connecting what they learn to the world around them. Which is great because, as they say, those who do not learn from history... you know...

Whether your kid has expressed an interest in history or whether you’re hoping to instill a passion for learning about the past, these entertaining, kid-friendly podcasts present learning as entertainment for car time, bedtime, or any time you need a little bit of quiet and education.

The Past and The Curious

You just might learn something, too!The Past and The Curious

This history podcast for kids is one the whole family can enjoy. Created by writer, musician, and museum professional Mick Sullivan, The Past and The Curious combines quirky humor, real history, and catchy, silly music to teach kids about important figures throughout history. From Marie Antoinette to Al Capone, Ötzi the ice man to suffragist (and namesake of the famous early 20th century lady’s underwear) Amelia Bloomer, it turns out that history is a great place to look for stories that will not only inform, but entertain, and you just might learn a thing or two yourself.

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Creepy, but not too creepy!Unspookable

Sometimes, history can be downright spooky! For kid-friendly thrills and chills, we love Unspookable, which explores the history behind scary stories, urban legends, monsters, and more. Common Sense Media suggests this podcast, hosted by Elise Parisian, is appropriate for children 8 and older. From “Bloody Mary” to witches, aliens to the Bermuda Triangle, the Jersey Devil to urban legends about your child's favorite online game, kids will learn what’s really going on behind all these strange legends by exploring what the history and science has to say. Episodes feature children sharing their thoughts on these various subjects, which can adda dose of insight and humor.

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Who, When, Wow!

A radio play meets a history book!Tinkercast

This podcast for kids 7 and older takes a look at the unsung heroes of history – mostly women and people of color – via a fun cast of voice actors. Episodes talk about a wide variety of topics, from slavery in the United States to “the Dancing Plague” of 16th century France, when a whole village started dancing... and just couldn’t stop! While some disturbing subjects are disturbing, they are approached in a way that kids can learn from without becoming too scared or upset, providing a good foundation for later study. This engaging podcast is well-written and performed and is a great way to show kids that there's more to history than we read in most books!

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Hey Black Child

Two young hosts emphasize the importance of knowing your history.Hey Black Child

As the name might indicate, this lively, well-researched podcasts focuses on celebrating Black history and achievements, especially via lesser known stories and figures. Hosted by Avery and Jackson Ausmer, the podcasts does a great job of simplifying big and important topics like racism and social justice without oversimplying or sugar-coating, aided by the “term of the day” and the top of each episode.

In addition to stressing the important of knowing one’s history, the podcast also emphasizes the importance of taking care of your mental health and learning how to be smart with your money. Remember to pay attention: there's often a pop quiz at the end of the episode!

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Improv comedy meets history class!RTÉ

This Irish podcast mixes real history and improvised silliness in front of a live audience. A young historian presents a a historical story (or person) while improv comedians (kid friendly, we promise!) illustrate it with recreations. While the historian knows what they’re talking about, the comedians... not so much! But while they’re not always historically accurate, but they’re always entertaining! And this series, which includes historical figures like Christopher Columbus and King Tut, as well as events like the 1913 Dublin lockout, can provide a great jumping off point to get kids interested in learning the real story.

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Forever Ago

The weirder side of history.Brains On!

This family-friendly history show (no, really! you’ll like it!) looks into the surprising and fascinating history of ordinary things... with histories that are anything but. Like, have you ever considered the history of ice cream flavors? Shoes? Emojis? Or, like, did you ever stop to ask why men stopped wearing wigs and frilly outfits a few hundred years ago?

With an emphasis on critical thinking and fun, your child will collect tons of fun facts to amuse family and friends. Hosted by Joy Dolo and produced by the folks who bring you Brains On and Smash Boom Best.

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Stuff You Missed In History Class

A great pick for older kids.Stuff You Missed In History Class

Where many of the podcasts on this list provide introductions to well-known figures and events, Stuff You Missed In History Class focuses on lesser-known history, many of which tie-in to current events, often from underepresented communities. Subjects range from fun – like the invention of the Ouji board– to esoteric Supreme Court cases. But whether silly or serious, your child is sure to learn something new. Common Sense Media notes that some episodes discuss disturbing issues, such as suicide or missing persons cases, but those episodes are prefaced with a content warning at the beginning so you can make an informed opinion going in. The site recommends this podcast for listeners 13 and older, but, as always, you’re going to be the best judge of what is or is not appropriate for your child.

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History Storytime

A family takes on the silly and gross aspects of our past.History Storytime

Hosted by Sophie, 9, Ellie, 7, and their Daddy, History Storytime tells the stories of battles, chopping off heads, and kings and queens. Ellie adds in the funny bits, Sophie adds in the disgusting bits, and their daddy offers guidance and the voices of lots of the historical characters. From stories from Ancient Rome to the War of the Roses, sports to space, this cute podcast is sure to sate (or spark) your child’s love of history. The series won silver in the BritPodAwards (oh yes, everyone involved has a great British accent, so that’s a treat for all you Anglophiles out there).

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Bedtime History

Quick tales for bedtime, car time, or any time.Bedtime History

Created by a parent who was inspired to draw from history for their own bedtime stories to their kids, Bedtime History episodes are about 10 minutes long and cover a broad array of figures, regions, eras, and subjects. So whether your child wants to hear about Ada Lovelace, the mathmetician who made computer programming possible, or Jeep the Flying Coyote, a coyote pup who liked to fly in a plane, there’s something they’re going to love. There’s even an option on the site to choose a story by interest or subject!

The podcast hopes to improve the lives of children worldwide by instilling in them a love of history.

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Happy listening!