Here's How To Watch Garfield's Thanksgiving This Year

What's better than a lasagna-obsessed cat fawning over Thanksgiving? Nothing.

Written by Alexia McKay
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You might not think so, but Thanksgiving just isn’t complete without our favorite lasagna-loving kitty cat. If you were looking for some festive films to watch this Thanksgiving once you’re stuffed with stuffing, then you should probably know how to watch Garfield's Thanksgiving, the hilarious special from 1989 that'll serve as the perfect appetizer for your Turkey Day movie marathon.

Garfield's Thanksgiving is a short holiday classic.

Garfield is most commonly known as a lazy, lasagna-loving cat with a knack for some witty commentary. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Garfield is obsessed with Thanksgiving, too. But in Garfield's Thanksgiving, the sarcastic cat is put on a diet by a veterinarian who is invited over by Garfield's owner, Jon, for dinner. Understandably, he is miserable about it, because according to his philosophy, “people celebrate food by eating as much of it as possible,” and a diet goes against that. Naturally, hijinks ensue over the course of the special.

Garfield's Thanksgiving is only 24 minutes long from start to finish, so it won't take too much time out of the day to watch. It's perfect to put on while you're making mashed potatoes, prepping your pumpkin pie, or just before enjoying your inaugural Thanksgiving Day nap. While viewing options may be limited this year, here is how you can watch Garfield's Thanksgiving in 2022.

You can stream Garfield’s Thanksgiving, but not for free.

Unfortunately, Garfield's Thanksgiving is not currently streaming on popular platforms like Netflix and Hulu. But you can purchase a digital copy at a small cost. Garfield's Thanksgiving is currently available to purchase on Amazon Video for $1.99. Or, alternatively, you can buy a copy on iTunes for $3.99 and have it downloaded to all of your Apple devices.

Although this option might set you back a few bucks, it's a special that you can watch every year on Thanksgiving.

You can also watch Garfield’s Thanksgiving on YouTube.

You can also try watching Garfield's Thanksgiving for free on YouTube. The quality might not be as good as just purchasing a digital copy, but it’s available to watch right now.

TikTok loves Garfield’s Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving special also has a hefty following on TikTok, including one clip from when Garfield is told he has to cut back by the veterinarian, while Jon is having a breathing crisis, which ends in a date.

No matter which way you decide to watch Garfield's Thanksgiving, you can count on the cute cat to provide some much-needed entertainment this holiday season. Garfield is such a classic character and bringing him into your home for Thanksgiving is a great generational gap between original fans and new fans of the orange feline.

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