Watch Jack Black & Rita Ora Bring Their Kung Fu Panda Characters To Life

“We’re going to have to find two spots at the Louvre.”

Just like their Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight characters, Jack Black and Rita Ora enjoy some friendly competition. Black plays Po, the martial arts-loving panda bear who is accused of misusing a magical weapon in this new Netflix series. Ora stars as Wandering Blade, a proper English knight who is talented with a sword but finds it difficult to have fun. The two learn how to embrace their differences in this fun kids’ series, but in real life, their friendship is seems effortless. Romper has an exclusive video of the two actors having a cute drawing competition — and it’ll definitely make you laugh.

“Today, Rita and I are going head-to-head, drawing our characters from the show,” Black says in the video.

The “You For Me” British singer and the School of Rock star are set up at a table with two drawing pads and a cup full of markers. They first draw their own characters.

“I don’t want to make you nervous,” Black says, “but so far mine is incredible.”

They reveal their drawings and Ora complains, “You had the easiest one.”

“Yours is ready for battle!” Black replies, joking, “We’re going to have to find two spots at the Louvre” to hang their art.

Next, they switch, with Ora drawing Po and Black drawing Wandering Blade. The results were, well — you’ll have to see for yourself.

Watch the exclusive clip of the drawing challenge here.

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