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Jennifer Garner Shared A Video Of Her Favorite Pool Game To Play With (Or Without) Her Kids

“Please borrow my recipe for a good time. Kid not required.”

Summer is in full swing at Jennifer Garner’s house. Or at least, in her pool. The mom of three shared a little glimpse at one of her favorite pool games to play with her kids, and it’s super easy to try. Maybe not as easy to execute as she was expecting, but hey, that’s pool games for you.

In a new post on Instagram, Garner reported from the side of her pool, wearing goggles and a swimsuit, about her “recipe for a good time” for the whole family this summer. Or a good time just for herself if one of her three kids, 18-year-old Violet, 15-year-old Seraphina, and 12-year-old son Samuel, all of whom she co-parents with ex-husband Ben Affleck, aren’t available. All you need to play the Jennifer Garner-approved game is “access to a pool, spoons and goggles.” She even admitted that she loves this game so much that she’ll play it “no kid required,” even though the video shows one of her children playing along in the pool with her.

“It’s the best game. We throw our spoons, three spoons each and we start the stopwatch,” Garner explained in the video. “We each have to go and collect three spoons but in different parts and come back and turn off the stopwatch.” She went on to share that she and her child would “love to show you,” demonstrating their technique.

As the two of them zigged and zagged through the pool to find the spoons, Garner told her child, “You’ve really set this up to be a tricky one. We have to go at the same time.” She eventually found her spoon after nearly 30 seconds, admitting “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

It’s fun work, at least, and a game some of her followers recognized. “We did this as a kid but used coins. Dimes were so hard to find and pick up,” while another shared, “we did this with toothpicks!”

Jennifer Garner’s pool game must feel like a nice break after her extra-emotional end-of-school milestones this year. Her youngest child Samuel is officially out of elementary school, and Garner wrote a beautiful message to the elementary teachers who showed up for her kids through the years. Then her oldest daughter Violet is off to college in the fall, and she cried her way through graduation.

No wonder she just wants to dive for spoons in her pool, with or without kids. It seems kind of meditative, and we’re into it.