John Mulaney had to deal with poop in the tub from Malcolm.
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John Mulaney Just Dealt With A Messy Parenting Milestone With His Son Malcolm

Baby’s First Floater.

Olivia Munn was in New York City over the weekend, leaving partner John Mulaney and the couple’s 2-year-old son Malcolm behind at home. While she was away, Munn missed a parenting milestone and she probably wasn’t all that sad about it. Because baby’s first floater in the tub is not exactly as exciting as baby’s first steps or baby’s first words, and Munn got to experience the secondhand joy of Mulaney texting her about it. Texts which she generously shared with her Instagram followers so we could all experience the comedian trying to deal with Malcolm pooping in the bathtub.

The Office Party star took to Instagram on Monday to share a recent text exchange with Mulaney. “I’m in NY while John’s at home with Malcolm” she wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of their exchange to the tune of Harry Chapin singing that famed father and son song, “Cat’s In The Cradle.”

The first text from Mulaney read, “Malcolm pooped in the tub.”

Munn replied, “Oh my god. Did you wash him in the shower after?”

Anyone who has ever been the parent at home dealing with a floater in the tub while the other parent is away will understand Mulaney’s lightly disgruntled reply. “Of course he had sh*t on him.”

Mulaney might have been shocked and dismayed, but pooping in the tub is unfortunately pretty common for toddlers. Basically, they just get super relaxed in the tub and things happen. It’s messy and gross, no doubt about it. But it sounds like Mulaney handled it like a champ.

“Dada is going to unwind silently and watch a movie after Malcolm is down and then sleep so early,” he texted Munn, before adding that he and Malcolm had enjoyed a fun day of adventure so on balance, “my day was awesome just crazy.”

Besides, Mulaney knows a thing or two about changing diapers and dealing with poop now that he’s a dad. When Munn was dealing with multiple surgeries last year after her breast cancer diagnosis, Mulaney was a “hands-on” father who took on the bulk of the workload with their son. Something Munn has since praised him for. So really, what’s a little floater in the tub in the long run? He’s got it under control.