Hillary Clinton talks with Kelly Clarkson
Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson Got Emotional With Hillary Clinton About Her Difficult Pregnancies

“To make some women go through that...”

On a recent episode of her talk show, Kelly Clarkson sat down with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and it wasn’t long before things got emotional. The two women talked about Arizona’s recent decision to reinstate an 1864 law that effectively outlaws all abortion in the state. Clinton called the Supreme Court ruling “horrifying in every way,” and the topic had Clarkson getting emotional about her own difficult pregnancies.

The Civil War-era abortion law pre-dates Arizona’s statehood and bans abortion at any gestational age for any reason short of saving the life of a pregnant person. Any health professionals caught aiding or assisting an abortion in the state could face two to five year mandatory prison sentences. “I feared it would happen, but I hoped it wouldn’t happen,” Clinton told Clarkson on her talk show on Tuesday. “The danger to women’s lives, as well as to our right to make our own decisions about our bodies and ourselves, is so profound…there’s a kind of cruelty to it.”

This had Clarkson, who shares 9-year-old daughter River Rose and 8-year-old son Remington with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, recalling her own difficult pregnancies. “I have been pregnant twice, hospitalized twice,” Clarkson explained. “I mean, literally, I asked God — this is a real thing — to just take me and my son in the hospital the second time because I was like, it's the worst thing.”

Clarkson started to tear up, then went on to say, “To make some women go through that...” Clarkson trailed off before continuing, “And I'm so glad I did. I love my babies. But to make someone…you don't realize how hard it is.”

The mom of two has spoken in the past about her pregnancy struggles, telling Ellen DeGeneres in a 2013 interview that she found her pregnancy to be “upsetting” because she was so sick. “When I ask women they're like, 'Oh ... you’re going to love this.' And I'm like, 'Oh were you sick,’ and they're like, 'No.' And I want to like hit all of them with my car. I vomit a good dozen times a day. It's, like, bad. Like, I vomited before coming out here.”

All these years later, and Clarkson is still feeling emotional about her tough pregnancies. Now imagine being forced to go through this against your will.