Kristen Bell shares rare pictures of her daughters and husband Dax Shepard on family vacation.
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Kristin Bell Shared Some Sweet, Rare Photos Of Her Daughters From A Family Vacation

And they were hosted by someone pretty funny, too!

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard took their kids on a fun-packed family vacation to Idaho to take in those last days of summer. The Frozen star hopped onto social media to share a carousel of photos that showed her daughters Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7, enjoying family, friends, and nature in the great outdoors.

In a recent post on Instagram, Bell shared a carousel of gorgeous pictures of her cute family of four set against an incredibly blue Idahoan sky. The Shepards posed in front of rivers, hiked up cascading waterfalls, enjoyed a refreshing swim, rode horses, went whitewater rafting, and sat down with pals for some dining al fresco. Bell also posted some solo shots of her communing with nature and getting up close and personal with some local critters. She also sported some pretty cowgirl-chic looks, on-brand with plaid, fringe, and a neck bandana.

“Swan Valley, Idaho, on the Snake River 💜,” Bell captioned the post. She also thanked late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney for being the “best hosts in the biz.” Kimmel bought an $8 million fishing lodge in Idaho in 2020, and it seems like the spot doubled as the perfect family vacation for Bell and her adventurous kids.

Bell also wished a happy birthday to her “Queen” Naomi Scott, who happens to be the wife of actor Adam Scott. Bell and Scott are not only thespian pals and former Parks and Recreations costars, they have some deep history. Bell once gave Scott, a Star Wars super fan, the surprise of a lifetime that he also called one of the best moments of his life, when she was a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

(Apparently all roads lead back to Jimmy Kimmel!)

Although Bell’s daughter’s faces were covered with heart emojis in her Instagram phtoos, they clearly had a blast hanging with their famous parents’ pals.

While the mother of two tends to share information about her kids (like the specific details of their potty-training or when they graduated from sleeping in her room), Bell is not one to take tons of pictures of her kids and then slap then online. She does, however, share a bunch of cute photos of her podcaster husband, who is not only a “Dadbeast,” but a Honey Do List-er too.

White Bell’s summer getaway seemed like an amazing trip, maybe this family jaunt in the great outdoors gave her some inspiration for Frozen 3? It could be a pretty cool setting swap too. You heard it here first: Anna and Elsa ditch the icy mountains of Arendelle for the scenic skies of Idaho.