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5 Kid-Friendly Movies To Celebrate The Last Day Of School

School’s out for summer!

Ask any kid on that crowded yellow bus, and they can probably tell you the exact number of days left until school is kaput. As soon as the last bell of the last class blares, it’s time to throw those papers and pencils up in the air and say farewell to the mystery meat on the cafeteria tray forever! (Well maybe not forever, but at least until fall). And what better way to celebrate the end of school than by sinking into the couch with a tasty snack and kid-friendly last day of school movie.

Sure, the first day of school usually gets all the attention because of all that anticipation and excitement (and outfit-planning). But the last day of school is actually pretty underrated for being a beacon of relief and relaxation. The last day of school hits that perfect sweet spot in time when the report card riddled with C+’s is still safely tucked away in an envelope in the mail somewhere, and the crystal blue waters of the swimming pool are almost reflected in your sunglasses. We’re talking about about trading in those smelly gym sneakers for flip flips and ditching that unattainable crush in homeroom for the possibility of a new summer love.

From elementary school to high school, musicals to cartoons, this list of family-friendly movies has got you covered as your kid hoorays their way out of study hall and into the popsicle-guzzling glory of summer vacation.

A Goofy Movie

It’s the last day of school for 14-year-old, Max Goof, who also happens to be the son of everyone’s favorite dog and Disney icon, Goofy. It’s not easy being the kid of a famous canine, so Max makes sure to kick off summer with a memorable bang by taking over the school auditorium during the assembly, much to the dismay of the school principal, but to the delight of his crush, Roxanne. Goofy, meanwhile, is a single dad on a mission to bond with his rebellious son by enlisting that classic movie remedy: the road trip. Of course things don’t go smoothly and there are many bumps along the way. All roads lead to a rocking concert in Los Angeles, where A Goofy Movie comes through with a puppy love storyline and some much-needed father-son bonding.

Watch A Goofy Movie, rated G, on Disney+.

The Peanuts Movie

A classic story about an underdog and his dog, The Peanuts Movie follows Charlie brown’s quest for reinvention and his mission to impress the new red-headed cutie in the neighborhood. You’ll be transported back to the wooden desks of your Elementary School with the familiar faces of Schroeder, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Pigpen, Lucy, Linus (and of course, his beloved blanket). Snoopy’s got serious dance moves in this movie as well as a very active fantasy life, daydreaming about being a WWI pilot. With reliable Peanuts sweetness, this flick will bring you right back to the butterflies-in-the-stomach-feeling of telling your crush how you feel before the last day of school is over.

Watch The Peanuts Movie, rated G, on Apple TV.

Recess: School’s Out

It’s every kid’s worst nightmare: the disappearance of summer vacation. Thank goodness, T.J. Detweiler and his friends are readier than ever to uncover the ex-Principal’s diabolical plot to eliminate the most fun two months of the whole year with the power of his stolen Tractor Beam. Thankfully, Third Street Elementary is not just going to let go of their summer vaycay without a fight, so the kids, teachers, and even Principal Prickly band together as a motley crew of heroes to ensure that summer camp is definitely happening. Packed with plenty of laughs, this animated comedy also stars Better Things’s Pamela Adlon and veteran Nickelodeon actress, Melissa Joan Hart.

Watch Recess: School’s Out, rated G, on Disney+.

High School Musical 2


The Wildcats are back and ready to dance their way across their desks and slide into July. But before they can start their jobs at the country club owned by Sharpay and Ryan’s parents (Saved by the Bell plot inspiration, anybody?), they have to celebrate the very last second on the last day at school with copious pom poms and choreographed basketball dancing. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are cute as can be and still going strong as a high school sweethearts, and Corbin Bleu is a unstoppable ball of energy in his “I majored in vacation” graphic T-shirt. The Tiz is glittering in her last day of school outfit, donning gold lame pants and matching bow, but she’s got a lot of plotting to do to wreak havoc on the upcoming summer talent show.

Watch High School Musical 2, rated TV-G, on Disney+.


The OG movie musical about high school and Good Girl makeovers, Grease stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in their roles as Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, diving headfirst into an opposites attract romance. While Grease starts out with August love in the 1950s, it wraps up with a big carnival full of rickety rides and juicy revelations on the last day at school. Sandy’s got her glow-up courtesy of an awesomely ‘80s perm and skin-tight black pants, and lands her man with “You’re The One That I Want.”

Compared to HBO’s Euphoria, this classic high school movies is super tame, but it’s still more appropriate for slightly older kids with instances of drinking, smoking, and that potential pregnancy scare. Get ready to sing along to “We Go Together” and vicariously fly a vintage car off into the sunset. (If your kids are confused why the high-schoolers look like 30-year-old-adults, don’t bother with justifications and just introduce them to their next iconic California zip code: Beverly Hills 90210.)

Watch Grease, rated PG-13, on Paramount+.

Ready to stream one of these fun movies to kick off the last day of school? We promise you won’t have to take notes, and there’s definitely no surprise quiz at the end.