Ludacris, his wife Eudoxie Bridges, and daughter Karma Bridges.
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Ludacris Shares The Beautiful Values He's Teaching His Daughters

“I'm just trying to pour knowledge and pour so much understanding and wisdom into them.”

Ludacris is encouraging his kids to be unapologetic and authentically themselves. The rapper, actor, and producer, whose real name is Chris Bridges, opened up recently about parenting his four daughters and the beautiful life lessons he’s teaching them.

“I'm just trying to pour knowledge and pour so much understanding and wisdom into them,” the 44-year-old said during an interview with Kindred by Parents.

Bridge is a girl dad to the core; the “Act A Fool” rapper shares daughters Chance, 11 months, and Cadence, 7, with his wife, Eudoxie Bridges, and has two daughters, Cai, 8, and Karma, 20, from previous relationships. In fact, Bridge’s animated children’s show on Netflix, Karma’s World, has been inspired by all of his daughters.

Speaking to Parents, he admitted that his girls have him wrapped around their fingers and he is completely committed to their desires. “Obviously I'm a pushover as well because they all got me wrapped around their finger,” he shared. “Whenever anything is wrong or when they want something they get that puppy dog look. But for the most part just trying to make them better versions of myself.”

As for parenting, Bridges said he tries to take his life experiences and values that he was taught and make better versions of those lessons for his daughters. “I’ll take what I've learned throughout my lifestyle, implement and add and progress what my parents have taught me,” he told Parents.

Ludacris has called his own mother, Roberta Shields, a “Beautiful SuperWoman” who made sure all of her children felt loved. As an adult, he continues to try and make her proud. In 2017, he surprised his mom with a secret home renovation for Mother’s Day. “This is the first house that I bought when I became commercially successful as the rapper, Ludacris, and I never got rid of it,” he said during an episode of My Houzz. “I’ve been wanting to do these changes and help my mom out and make sure I make her proud.”

Now, as the Grammy award winning artist shared in the same Parents interview, he hopes to instill the value of hard work and assures his kids they can do and be anything if they remain true to themselves by “understanding their intelligence, their beauty, and their purpose here in the world and that each one of those may be different and that they come from a strong lineage of women and heritage.”

The Fast and Furious star is a proud and devoted dad, indeed. In June, Bridges told Romper simply seeing his daughters “become their best selves” was all the gift he wanted for Father’s Day. How does he see that? “Being able to sit back and watch the fruits of my labor and the things that I’ve tried to instill in their brains,” he shared with Romper. “Them being able to recite certain sayings back to me and their actions. Showing [that they’re] becoming self-sustaining young ladies and young women. With manners, with morals, those things.”